Bell Fund announces decisions for the November 13, 2017 round of applications - Short-Form Digital Series (Non-fiction)


Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, January 15, 2018: The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the November 13, 2017 round of applications. Over $2.4m in grants has been approved for 14 of the 36 (English and French) applications received.


  1. The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Short-Form Digital Series (Non-fiction Scripted) pilot program:



Animalogic III

Blue Ant Media Productions Inc.

36 x 6 minutes

Whether you love animals or are just curious about them, Animalogic breaks down what makes different animals unique and amazing. With new episodes released every other week, Animalogic goes in depth into each animal. What do they look like, where do they live, how do they hunt, what’s special about them, how do they make it in this harsh world?


Throughout each episode, the host and illustrator bring the animals to life with little known facts about the featured animal, as she illustrates it in the background.  Did you know Bonobos can play Pac man? Or that rabbits were used as pregnancy tests? Or that there is a jellyfish, that when sick or injured, can revert to its younger self, essentially making it immortal?


The series is hosted by Danielle Dufault, an award-winning scientific illustrator at the Royal Ontario Museum.


Disrupting Design Productions Inc. a subsidiary of RTR Media

15 x 8 minutes

This series takes on the burning question people face when improving their homes, should I buy or DIY?  Contributors and producers, Danielle Berger and Maxine Ward face-off in this exciting new gameplay series. Homeowners play along each week as Dani presents a DIY option and Maxine goes on the hunt for a thrifty purchased option for either a Coral viewer or a Social Media Influencer. The budget is $75.00. What would you do, Buy or DIY your object of desire to help you create your best home?


Unlikely Pear Productions Inc.

8 x 10 minutes

Canadiana is a documentary series that follows host Adam Bunch as he geeks his way across the country in search of the most incredible tales in Canada's history. From Halifax Harbour to Vancouver Island, and from major cities to secluded towns, Adam shares mind-blowing historical anecdotes that have contributed to the country's unique identity.

Does it Fart?

Yellow Bear Studios Inc.

10 x 2 minutes

Does it Fart? is a proven-by-science factual series starring Emma Lu, Nathanial Ike-Okereke and internationally renowned animal expert, Dave Salmoni. The series sets out to discover which animals fart, while studying the biology behind their breaking of wind. Designed for a core 6-11 demo of digital natives, Does it Fart? utilizes the flexibility of web-series to engage an audience who loves animals, science and comedy, by taking fans into the first ever science lab dedicated to testing the air biscuits of animals. With special areas like the ‘Boom Room’ (to test the volume of flatulence) ‘The Smell Hotel’ (where odour is examined), ‘Restroomaurant’ (where our species feast on their favourite foods) and the ‘Thermal Jungle’ (where scientists actually see farts via thermal imaging), each episode helps answer the burning question on everyone’s mind, Does it Fart?

Paddle Tales

The Heliconia Press Inc

10 x 10 minutes

Paddle Tales is a series designed to resonate with anyone with an interest in the outdoors—not just paddlers. Paddle Tales follows World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, around North America as he explores the continent by canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard, and raft while telling the stories of the unique people and places that he encounters. It’s an inspiring, revealing, and adventure-filled journey that will entertain and motivate viewers, while shedding light on some of the current challenges facing the people and places we encounter.   

Red Button

Media Headquarters Film & Television Inc.

6 x 7 minutes

Red Button is a revolutionary approach to storytelling, where documentary subjects become the filmmakers. Young Canadians from marginalized and at-risk communities are given smartphones, lightweight audio and camera gear, and go through a workshop on the basics of filmmaking. Then, with one-on-one guidance from professional filmmakers, they record all aspects of their lives: school, home, work, social activities. No directors, no crew – just the subjects’ unflinchingly honest depiction of their own lives and the world around them. Top editors and producers transform these raw stories into structured, gripping narratives. Red Button is inspired by today’s culture of self-documentation, but elevates it into an art form. The result is a powerful combination of raw, unfiltered reality and sophisticated storytelling in a gripping series.


Banger Films Inc.

6 x 10 minutes

Shredders gameplay begins with seven contestants that have demonstrated a high level of skill and finesse through an online submission video. In each episode, the contestants must prove their prowess in a series of guitar-playing challenges before the panel of esteemed judges. The player with the lowest score is eliminated and the remaining contestants move to the next episode.  In the finale, the top two players duel for the Master Shredder title and prizes. In every shred challenge, each player gets a chance to blow the judges away. The host will increase the difficulty over time by forcing the players to use specific effects or techniques or introduce handicaps to add mystery and surprise.

True Dating Stories 2

LaRue Digital Inc.

8 x 10 minutes

Whether it’s true romance or a night gone horribly wrong, we all love the juicy details of a great dating story. In True Dating Stories (TDS), we hear from the REAL PEOPLE that were involved in the GREATEST DATING STORIES EVER. Then the stories are brought to life, re-enacted by comedians with all the intrigue, romance and fun they deserve. These sexy, jaw-dropping comedy re-enactments will make you laugh, cry, and quite possibly swear off dating altogether.


2.     The following French language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Short Form Digital Series (Non-fiction Scripted) pilot program:


For further details on the projects below, please see our French language website:



La Lesbienne, l’Arabe et l’Asperger

Blimp Télé

30 x 5 min

Les Brutes, saison 3

Picbois Productions

16 x 5 min

Art en LIVE avec Hervé Tullet


28 x 3 min

Le monde est petit, saison 3

Toast Studios

22 x 3 min

Surf inc.

Productions OuiSurf

6 X 15 min

Bébé, on part!

Productions GFP

10 x 4 min


The Bell Fund provides grants to Canadian media content makers who create and produce engaging content for audiences in Canada and around the world. Bell Fund investments support content development and production for broadcast and digital platforms that are accessible to all Canadians. For 20 years, since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested over $200 million in 2,000 Canadian digital media projects and television programs. The Bell Fund also supports training, research, professional development and promotion for the Canadian media production industry.


The Bell Fund receives annual contributions of approximately $16 million from Bell TV as part of its broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the industry. The Fund was also awarded a $10 million endowment from Bell TV which supports the Fund’s development programming. The Bell Fund is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors representing various sectors of the television and digital media industry.


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