Short-Form Digital Series

Cost Report Template - Discoverability (June 2019)
E&O Review Procedure Form (December 2019)
Digital Discoverability and Structured Data
Optimal Discoverability Plan - Cheat Sheet
Be Discovered! - A Practical Guide to Making Your Content Discoverable


Slate Development

Slate Producer Report (November 2019)

Cross Platform Digital Media Development

Guidelines – Development Program (including Professional Development) (rev. February 2016)

Cross Platform Digital Media Performance Accelerator

Cross Platform Digital Media Production

Cost Report Template – Production (rev. February 2016)
Broadcaster Interim Report Card (NEW: February 2016)
Broadcaster Final Report Card (rev. February 2016)
Producer Interim Report (NEW: February 2016)
Producer Final Report (rev. February 2016)
Guidelines – Production (rev. February 2016)

TV Development Online

Producer Final Report (new: February 2016)