TV Program – Selective: April 19, 2021 (7pm EST)

TV Program – MPF: April 19, 2021

TV Program 2021 Guidelines (PDF) Budget and Finance Policy (PDF)

NEW - The Bell Fund will now accept three (3) applications from each public or private broadcaster per deadline. When there are multiple broadcasters affiliated by ownership to a parent company the company is only allowed three (3) applications. There must be a Bell Fund Broadcaster support form provided to the producer/applicant, in order to apply.

NEW - As we all continue our work towards a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Industry we want to update you on Bell fund’s efforts. In June 2020, Bell Fund began the collection of self-identification data on a voluntary basis. We started collecting data for key members of the creative team as part of our Short Form Program and, then expanded to include the Slate Development Program. In 2021 we will be including the TV programs. It will not form part of the evaluation criteria in 2021 but based on the data, there may be program changes in 2022.