Below is a list of some digital platforms/channels that have been approved as part of previous applications to the Short-Form Digital Series program.

We aren’t endorsing these platforms/channels, nor do we know if they commission Short-Form Digital Series. Remember that a platform/channel can be Canadian or foreign owned, as long as it meets the criteria laid out in the Digital Platform Pre-Approval Form The platform/channel should be a destination for the type of content you’re applying to create so that your series will find a robust audience.

All non-broadcaster platforms must be pre-approved by Bell Fund prior to application submission. Producers are encouraged to complete the Pre-Approval form/process before beginning their applications. Pre-approvals may be requested up to three weeks before the application deadline. Bell Fund will review requests and make best efforts to provide an answer within five business days. Bell Fund reserves the right to determine the acceptability of the service.

English Platforms/Channels (As of 08/16/2022)

English Broadcaster Digital Platforms/ChannelsEnglish Non-Broadcaster Platforms/Channels:
AMI-tvAnimalogic YouTube Channel
CBC GemBanger TV YouTube Channel
Crave.caBreakthrough YouTube Channel
APTN lumiCaribbean Tales TV
OUTtvGoConvos TV YouTube Channel
Blue Ant (Love Nature SVOD & Homeful)Cracked YouTube Channel
Super Channel OnlineKinda TV YouTube Channel
TVO.orgmarbleKids YouTube Channel
Hollywood Suite’s VODNarcity YouTube Channel
Seeka YouTube Channel
Shaftesbury Kids YouTube Channel
Shaftesbury Plus YouTube Channel
The Fantasy Network
Vice YouTube Channel
Waterbear Network

French Platforms/Channels (As of 08/16/2022)

French Broadcaster Digital Platforms/ChannelsFrench Non-Broadcaster Platforms/Channels:
Tv5unis.ca1ou2cocktails, page Facebook