AS OF APRIL 2024 :

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of example digital platforms and channels (“platforms”) that have previously been approved as part of applications to the Short-Form Digital Series Production Program. The Bell Fund does not endorse these platforms, nor do we know if they are currently seeking projects.
      Please remember that a digital platform or channel may possibly be considered eligible whether they are Canadian or foreign-owned provided that it meets the criteria outlined in the Program Guidelines and completes a Digital Platform Support Form. The ultimate eligibility is decided by the Bell Fund review of the materials provided to ascertain whether a platform meets the eligibility requirements.
        Applicants are encouraged to review the Digital Platform Support Form before beginning their applications. If you have questions about the eligibility of a digital platform or channel, please email by May 28, 2024.
          Consideration will be given for platforms that are already part of CAVCO’s List of Acceptable Online Services pursuant to CAVCO Public Notice 2017-01.

            A platform must meet the following criteria:

            • The platform content is available in English, French or Indigenous languages.
            • The platform is available in Canada AND markets to audiences in Canada.
            • The platform features a variety of premium quality entertainment content that is comparable to the short-form digital series that Bell Fund has financed in the past.
            • The platform has been active for at least 12 months.
            • New content has been posted on the platform within the last six (6) months.
            • The platform has at least 30,000 (English) or 15,000 (French) subscribers.
            • The platform has total views of at least 300,000 views (English) or 150,000 (French).
            • The platform features content and serves audiences that are a clear fit for the proposed Project (and does not feature primarily ineligible genres).
            • The platform will assist the Producer in contributing to Audience Development and will share audience data related to the Project.
            • The platform complies with the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) code of ethics and with the regulations, policies, and rulings of the CRTC guidelines on violence and sex-role portrayal, which includes prohibiting any explicit sex, excessive violence, sexual violence or sexual exploitation, or any matter which is libelous, slanderous or obscene, or in any other way unlawful.

              Example English Broadcaster Digital Platforms :

              • AMI-tv
              • APTN lumi
              • CBC Gem
              • Crave
              • Hollywood Suite On-Demand
              • Homeful (Blue Ant)
              • Love Nature (Blue Ant)
              • OUTtv
              • Super Channel Online

              Example English Non-Broadcaster Platforms :

              • Animalogic YouTube Channel
              • Banger TV YouTube Channel
              • Breakthrough YouTube Channel
              • Caribbean Tales TV
              • Cracked YouTube Channel
              • Feva TV
              • Kinda TV YouTube Channel
              • marbleKids YouTube Channel
              • Narcity YouTube Channel
              • Seeka.TV
              • Shaftesbury Kids YouTube Channel
              • Shaftesbury Plus YouTube Channel
              • Shudder
              • The Fantasy Network
              • Vice YouTube Channel
              • Waterbear Network

              Example French Broadcaster Digital Platforms:

              • Clubillico