Changes applicable to the Slate Development Guidelines
(since previously published in 2018)
(Note: There are no substantial changes to the 2020 Budget and Finance Policy for Slate Development. 2021 Guidelines to come.)

Deadline: November 29, 2021 (7pm EST)

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Application Requirements

  • Bell Fund reserves the right to deem ineligible any application considered incomplete.
  • We are not able to accommodate late applications or requests for adjustments and extensions so be sure to review the guidelines, budget & finance policy and application components.
  • Proposed development activities may not start prior to the Bell Fund deadline.
  • Projects that are already under consideration for production financing (from any source) should not apply.
  • Each IP is eligible for no more than two rounds of Bell Fund financing.

Change to Market Interest Options & Introduction of Market Interest Form

Market Interest must be provided for each project in the slate by either completing the Market Interest Form or providing a meaningful letter of interest. This document is an expression of support from a broadcaster, digital platform or distributor as described here:

  • A Broadcaster: Canadian programming undertaking, public or private, licensed to operate by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC);
  • A Broadcaster: An online service owned, controlled and operated by a Canadian licensed programming undertaking including operating as a Hybrid VOD service (CraveTV, Club Illico)
  • A Digital Platform that features Entertainment Programming and is accessible to Canadians (Canadian or Foreign owned).
  • A Distributor (Canadian or Foreign). The distributor generally distributes third party content in addition to its own content and has the experience necessary to negotiate terms, marketing and promotion spends and other promotional activities in favour of the producer. In the case of a digital property the distributor must be ‘industry recognized’ as a distributor of digital content.

Assessment Criteria changes

  • The Creativity section has been removed from the Slate Development Assessment Criteria, with more points allotted to team, potential for success & feasibility.


  • Webdocs is no longer a separate development program. Webdocs are eligible under the Slate Development program.