Program Deadline: November 28, 2022 (7pm EST)

The application portal opens approximately one month prior to the program deadline.

Guidelines 2022 Financing and Budgeting Policies 2022

Please be aware of the following changes for 2022:

First time applicants to the Slate Development program must attend an application clinic. Visit our bookings page for dates and sign up information. Applicants are encouraged to sign up as soon as registration opens.

Note: Be sure to use the 2022 version of the Guidelines, Budget & Financial Policies, and application documents.

The following changes were implemented in 2021 and remain in effect:

Eligible Applicant

A production company that received funding in the previous round (November 2021 deadline) is not eligible to apply to the Slate Program (in November 2022), however, may apply in 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

A Slate must contain two or three projects.

Funding Contribution

The maximum request is $75,000 per slate AND 100% of eligible costs may be requested. (See Slate guidelines for details re; min/max requests for projects and slates).

Note: Unconfirmed financing from other Canadian funding/provincial agencies (such as IPF, Creative B.C. Quebecor, TELUS, etc.), is still allowed, however, confirmation must be received within 30 days of the Bell Fund notification.