The Short-Form Digital Series Program is a selective Program that supports Canadian, producers/creators by funding short-form original series for online distribution, specifically the production of fiction (drama, comedy, and children’s and youth programming) and non-fiction (documentary and lifestyle/factual programming).
    Financing is limited to any two seasons of a series, and projects must be released on an approved platform available to Canadians. Please see the Short Form Digital Series Production Program Guidelines for more details.

      Important Dates

        Application Portal OpensMay 17, 2024
        Deadline : Application Portal ClosesJune 18, 2024 (3 PM ET)
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            General Program Information
              English webinar - More info here April 19, 2024 (Closed)
              Recording available
              French webinar - More info here April 19, 2024 (Closed)
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                Application Clinics

                For those ready to apply but need help (required for first-time applicants)
                  OPTION 1 : English Clinic - More info hereApril 24, 2024 (Closed)
                  Recording available
                  OPTION 2 : English Clinic - More info hereMay 9, 2024 (Closed)
                  Recording available
                  OPTION 1 : French Clinic - More info hereApril 26, 2024 (Closed)
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                    Market Interest

                    Digital Platforms and Channels
                      In order to be eligible, applications must include a commitment from an approved Digital Platform (also known as a channel). A digital platform or channel may possibly be considered eligible whether they are Canadian or foreign-owned provided that it meets the criteria outlined in the Program Guidelines and completes a Digital Platform Support Form. Bell Fund provides a non-exhaustive list of example digital platforms and channels that have previously been approved as part of applications to the Short-Form Digital Series Production Program.

                        Select Summary of Changes (2024)

                        The following is a non-exhaustive list of changes to 2024 Short-Form Digital Series Production Program. Applicants are required to review the Program Guidelines, Policies and applicable required application documents prior to application.
                        • Digital Platform Support Form: At application, all applicants must submit a Digital Platform Support Form. The form will help in the assessment of the alignment between the audiences of the digital platform/channel and the project, as well as the potential for critical or commercial success. As before, all applications also require a commitment from an approved Digital Platform/channel. Click here for more information. We no longer require pre-approval of platforms/channels, but they will be reviewed to confirm eligibility as part of the evaluation process. If you have questions about the eligibility of a digital platform or channel, please email by May 28, 2024.
                        • Proof of Concept Video: Applicants are no longer limited to original footage as part of proof-of-concept videos. Previously, all footage had to be original, but it can now be comprised of original OR found footage. Trailers are still welcome, but pitch reels will also be accepted.
                        • Self-Identification Data Collection Process: The Bell Fund is updating its Self-Identification Data Collection process. Applicants will now provide a list of shareholders and key creatives affiliated with their application including a Self-ID code that those individuals will need to provide to the applicant to be submitted as part of the Application. For more information, please visit the Self-Identification Data Collection Process Webpage.

                        Guidelines, Policies and Application Components

                        Short-Form Digital Series Program
                            Self-Identification Data Collection
                            To further the commitments established in the Bell Fund ’s guiding principles, measure progress, and align with other funders, 
                            Bell Fund is collecting information related to identity and representation from individuals associated with applications to its programs. 
                            Please refer to the Self-Identification Data Collection Process webpage to learn about Bell Fund’s updated process. The updated process, 
                            including the use of the Self-Identification Data Collection Portal, applies to the June 18, 2024 deadline of the Short-Form 
                            Digital Series Program.
                            Short-Form Digital Series Self-Identification Data Code List 2024
                            Audience Development
                            Audience Development is important to the success of any Project. The Bell Fund provides additional
                            funding for projects selected for Short-Form Digital Series Production funding.
                            At application
                            Preliminary Audience Development Plan 2024
                            If approved for funding
                            Comprehensive Audience Development Plan 2024
                            Audience Development Budget 2024

                            Questions or need help ?

                              Email :
                              Telephone : 416-977-8145

                              Accessibility Support

                                The Bell Fund welcomes applications from people with disabilities, people who are deaf, and people who have barriers to accessing technology. Support for application assistance is also available to First Nations, Inuit or Métis applicants facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.
                                  Upon request, the Bell Fund may commit funds of up to $500 towards service providers to assist with the preparation of an application to Bell Fund Programs.
                                    Services may include, but are not limited to, assistance in creating an account and navigate the Online Application Portal or the Bell Fund Self-ID Portal; transcribe/edit/organize/translate application materials.
                                      Please note that receiving Accessibility Support funds does not guarantee a successful application nor will it impact evaluation scores during the application evaluation process. To request support, please contact Bell Fund at least four (4) weeks before the applicable closing deadline for a Program.