There will be two opportunities to apply to the Bell Fund's Short-Form Digital Series Program in 2022.

  • First deadline: April 4, 2022 (7pm EST)

  • Second deadline: September 26, 2022 (7pm EST)

    Short Form Digital Series 2021 Guidelines (PDF) Financing and Budgeting Policy 2021 (PDF)

    As with 2020, a distinction will not be made between fiction and non-fiction; these two deadlines are open to both and applications will be evaluated together. The merging of fiction and non-fiction allows producers two opportunities to apply within a year as opposed to one

    NEW Financing is limited to two seasons of a series.

    NEW First-time applicants must book a one-on-one information session, via email, at

    NEW For those less experienced producers and emerging creators/producers, it is recommended that an experienced mentor be engaged for the application process. The applicant is encouraged to demonstrate the involvement of the mentor with a brief letter of support.

    NEW Audience Development Plan (preliminary and final)
    (previously Discoverability Plan):

    In 2021, at application, applicants will provide an ‘audience development preliminary plan’ (approx two pages) and will not provide a budget for audience development (formerly ‘discoverability budget’). Only those selected for financing will provide an audience development plan (final/comprehensive) and an audience development budget (see guidelines Section 3d for information).

    NEW Applicants applying for production financing for a short-form digital series that received slate development financing must complete and deliver the development prior to applying.

    NEW Financing from other Funders/Provincial Agencies (including 10% ‘third party’ financing) You may apply to Bell Fund with unconfirmed financing from other Canadian independent production funds/provincial/federal agencies (such as IPF, Creative B.C., Quebecor, Ontario Creates, CMF, Telus, etc.), provided that your financing is confirmed within 60 days of the Bell Fund notification of financing (see guidelines Section 3c for additional information re; alternate financing plans).

    NEW Updated Platform Pre-Approval Form

    As in 2020, digital platforms must be pre-approved by Bell Fund prior to application. Producers are encouraged to seek pre-approval early in the application process. Bell Fund will review requests and try to provide an answer within two business days. Refer to Bell Fund Digital Platform Pre-Approval Form.

    NEW Changes to Assessment Criteria

    Files should be named consistently using this naming convention:Applicant Company_Project Title_Document Name