The Bell Fund is committed to supporting a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible industry across Canada. This means supporting screen-based producers/creators who are Indigenous and/or identify as being from an Equity-seeking community such as Black, racialized, women and gender-diverse, 2SLGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, regional and Official Language Minority Community (OLMC), and/or emerging screen-based producers/creators and teams.

To further the commitments established in the Bell Fund’s guiding principles, measure progress, and align with other funders, Bell Fund is collecting information related to identity and representation from individuals associated with applications to its programs. The Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Collection Process allows individuals to disclose social identity information directly to the Bell Fund in a voluntary, secure, and confidential manner. The process is made up of the Self-Identification Data Code List, the Self-Identification Data Collection Portal, and the Self-Identification Data Collection Questionnaire.

Using a questionnaire based on the Canada Media Fund’s PERSONA-ID and Shaw Rocket Fund’s data collection systems, the collection and analysis of self-identification data will allow the Bell Fund to:

  • Determine compliance with assessment criteria (where applicable);
  • Assess whether progress is being made in achieving the goals set out in our guiding principles;
  • Consider any changes that may be required to the programs to meet objectives; and
  • Provide aggregated data to the Board and other industry stakeholders who have an interest in the Bell Fund.


How does the Bell Fund Self-identification Data Collection Process work?


  1. When preparing a funding application, the Applicant must fill out a Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Code List (SID-code List) that includes the Company Owners and Key Creative personnel confirmed to be associated with the Project. (Please see the relevant program page to download the Self-Identification Data Code List template.)
  2. Company Owners (including Shareholders) and Key Creatives will provide the Applicant with their SID-code. The Applicant cannot access the self-identification data disclosed to the Bell Fund.
    If an individual does not have an SID code, they will open an account on the Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Collection Portal and complete a confidential online questionnaire after which they will receive a code. Once obtained, SID-codes can be retrieved from the Portal and used on future Bell Fund applications.
  3. The Applicant enters the SID-codes from Company Owners and Key Creatives into the Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Code List.
  4. When ready to submit their application, the Applicant uploads the Self-Identification Data Code List to the Bell Fund Application Portal. Evaluators will only consider materials submitted by the deadline. If an SID-code is not included as part of the application, the information may not be included in the processing of the application.
  5. After an application deadline, Bell Fund staff analyze self-identification data associated with funding applications. Anonymized and aggregated data is used to allocate equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDIA) incentive points to applicants and teams based on the assessment criteria (where applicable), and to generate statistical insights.

What information is being collected?

Currently, the Bell Fund is collecting data related to gender, Indigenous, Black and racialized 2SLGBTQIA+, disability, and Official Language Minority Community identities through an anonymous self-identification questionnaire.

The Bell Fund treats self-identification information as confidential and aggregates all data before its use. Individuals completing Bell Fund’s Self-Identification Questionnaire may choose “I prefer not to answer” when they would rather not disclose certain information.

The Self-Identification Data Collection Process was designed in consultation with funders and community organizations, and feedback from Bell Fund applicants. We recognize that knowledge, methodologies, language and terminology surrounding identity and communities continues to evolve. The Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Collection Process will continue to evolve through consultation, community outreach, education, and research. Please email us at with any feedback and opportunities for improvement.

Who should participate in the Bell Fund Self-identification Data Collection Process?

Bell Fund requests that Applicants, Company Owners, and confirmed Key Creatives associated with an application participate in the Self-Identification Data Collection Process.

Company Owner roles include:

  • For Private Corporations: Shareholders of the applicant company and co-production company (where applicable)
  • For Publicly Traded Corporations: Board members and/or CEOs of the applicant company and co-production company (where applicable)

Key Creative roles include the following paid positions

  • Producers: Executive Producers, Co-executive Producers, Supervising Producers, Associate Producers, and Creative Producers.
  • Writers and Showrunners
  • Directors

Only individuals can complete the Bell Fund Self-Identification Questionnaire and obtain an SID-code. For information on how applicant companies owned by one or more companies may participate in the process, please contact

Reference Documents

For more information on Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Collection Process, please review the documents below:

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Self-Identification Data Collection Portal Terms and Conditions

Sample Self-Identification Data Collection Questionnaire

Questions or need help?

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Telephone : 416-977-8145


The Bell Fund welcomes applications from people with disabilities, people who are deaf, and people who have barriers to accessing technology. Support for application assistance is also available to First Nations, Inuit or Métis applicants facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.

Services may include, but are not limited to, assistance in creating an account and navigating the Online Application Portal or the Bell Fund Self-Identification Data Collection Portal; transcribe/edit/organize/translate application materials.

If you require accommodations, or accessibility support, please email