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– August 2017 –
In order to implement the CRTC’s policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds, the Bell fund has retired its convergent production and development programs, as well as its performance accelerator and TV development online programs. There will be no further deadlines associated with these programs. More information on new programs, guidelines and deadlines will be coming soon.

– July 2017 –
Important Message Re : Bell Fund’s Request for relief in regards to the Commission’s policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds.
The Commission approves a request by the Bell Fund for a transition period to adapt its guidelines to the Commission’s new policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds. The Bell Fund will have until 17 July 2018 to make the necessary changes.
The Commission denies a request by the Bell Fund for an increase to the 10% cap on funding for non-programming digital content.
For the full decision please go to
The Bell Fund Board will be announcing new programs, guidelines and deadlines in the coming weeks.

– May 2017 –
Further to our last announcement there will be no deadline in July. Stay tuned for new programs and deadlines to be announced in the near future. Thank you for your continued support


– January 2017 –
As a result of the last Board of Directors meeting, the Bell Fund has decided to maintain the May 1 deadline for the Production program only. Please visit our website for future announcements.


– December 2016 –
We would like to thank all those who participated in the Bell Fund’s application to the CRTC under its Part 1 Proceeding. While we wait for the CRTC to issue a decision, the Board of the Bell Fund met over two days last week to begin re-purposing the organization for success under the 2016 Policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds. This process will include further stakeholder consultations beginning in early 2017. In the interim, the February 1st deadline will remain in effect. Please check back for further announcements to be made over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


– September 2016 –
Important Message regarding recent changes to the CRTC policy framework for Certified Independent Funds:
On August 25th 2016, the CRTC released its changes to the Policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds, which includes The Bell Fund. As a result, we need to pivot. The Bell Fund management and Board of Directors have immediately begun assessing the impact of these regulatory changes against the scope of our current activities. As a critical part of this review we will consult with our stakeholders in order to assist in the Fund’s evolution and programs. These changes require the Fund to postpone the 2017 program application deadlines. We will do our best to minimize uncertainty and will communicate the results of our assessment and any changes to the Bell Fund programs as soon as possible.

Latest News:
June 05, 2017
May 2017 Funding Decisions
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June 12, 2017 The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the May 1, 2017 round of applications. Over $4.2M in grants has been approved for 18 of the 28 (English and French) applications received,......

What's Going on?
June 09, 2017
Bell Fund Announces New Chair and Board Members
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TORONTO, June 9, – The Bell Fund is meeting in Alberta during the Banff World Media Festival to discuss its new pilot programs for the Canadian media production industry under the direction of new Chair Suzanne Guèvremont......

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July 12, 2016
Hip-Hop Evolution

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July 12, 2016
Newfoundland at Armageddon

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June 27, 2016
Nerds & Monsters: Nerdicopter

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