Toronto, (Ontario), Montréal (Québec), December 15, 2020. The board of directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the October 19, 2020 round of applicants. Over $2.4 million in funding has been approved including over $610K to support the discoverability plans for the series. Supporting audience engagement strategies is a priority for the fund.

Bell Fund is excited to support 13 independent production companies from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec for 8 English-language and 5 French-language projects.

1. The following English-language projects received non-repayable contributions for production and discoverability under Bell Fund’s Short-Form Digital Series program. Audiences will be able to enjoy 5 fiction and 3 non-fiction projects.

Short Form Digital Series
Avocado Toast the series (II)
Border2Border Entertainment
10 x 15 min
Molly is back in Toronto with bad hair and undiagnosed adenomyosis. After a miscarriage, Elle leaves her company and assistant Jordan ... to join a cult. A dramedy where millennials try to navigate their way into the fulfilled lives their boomer parents always wanted for them.
Canadiana S3
Unlikely Pear Productions
Canadiana YouTube Channel
10 x 15 min
Adam Bunch is back on the hunt for the most incredible stories in Canadian history with Canadiana’s most ambitious season yet. From the jagged coast of Newfoundland, to the stormy shores of Haida Gwaii, uncover unbelievable tales of myth, horror, mystery, and wonder.
DJ Burnt Bannock
Eagle Vision
6 x 10 min
Cardinal, aka DJ Burnt Bannock, is a struggling Cree DJ who realizes that if he is going to achieve the mega success he dreams of he needs to make a mega move to prove to the world, and himself, that he is seriously talented. Too bad he’s about to do it all wron
Frick, I Love Nature
Zipline Productions
8 x 15 min
Frick, I Love Nature is a quirky, comedic nature show that explores the diverse and unbelievable world of natural history.
Hello (Again)
100 Dragons Productions
9 x 10 min
A rom-com about an overworked line-cook who rescues a supernatural little girl; he is hurled back in time, where he needs to win back his ex-girlfriend to keep their breakup from happening again and again.
Jensplaining S2
Peacock Alley
10 x 15 min
Dr. Jen Gunter gets hilariously and unapologetically real about women’s health, while disrupting the societal misconceptions that get in the way of accurate information.
Less Than Kosher
Filmcoop inc.
7 x 13 min
Failing electro-Rockstar wannabe Viv rejected her Jewish roots long ago, but when her voice of gold lands her a job as a cantor at a synagogue, she rises to the challenge and confronts self-sabotaging tendencies and her own complicated relationships with family, music and Judaism to figure out who the hell she really is.
Fundamentalist films
6 x 11 min
After learning her ex-husband is marrying a younger, skinny, white yoga instructor, Zarqa announces that she’s coming to the wedding with her own cliché… a white brain surgeon named Brian. Now she just has to find him.

2. The following French-language projects received non-repayable contributions under the Bell Fund’s Short-Form Digital Series program:

For further details on the projects below, please see our French language website:

Short Form Digital Series
Complètement Lycée!
Productions ToRoS
8 x 10 min
Géolocaliser l'amour
Productions Version 10
10 x 8 min
Je ne suis pas un robot
Écho Média
6 x 11 min
La base : Lex et Wasiu - saison 2
Impact Télévision
15 x 10 min
La Dump / The Dump III
Jelly Bean Media
Facebook La Dump
20 x 9 min

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