Excerpted Guideline Details

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The purpose of the Webdocs Development Fund is to support the development of original digital non-fiction. “Such content is primarily designed to inform but may also educate and entertain, providing an in-depth critical analysis of a specific subject or point of view” 1 through the integration of interactive digital technologies and platforms. Users will navigate through and interact with the components of the project autonomously. A webdoc could include traditional video elements.

At application, applicants must demonstrate market interest for the proposed final webdoc (see definitions Section 1 of the Guidelines). Eligible costs for funding can include – subject matter research, interviews, shooting video as well as various other media such as images, photos, animatics, text, audio, hyperlinks and user generated content, storyboarding, prototype development, detailed production planning, content and technology design, design documentation, user testing plan, budgeting and financing, production scheduling, business and marketing planning, research and testing, and project proposal development.

At the end of this stage of development Producers will have a prototype and supporting documentation which will be viable to attract production financing but cannot yet be commercialized or presented as a monetizable Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Producers must also provide as part of the development deliverables a Phase 1 Discoverability Plan that will leverage an audience’s insights to improve the webdoc as well as grow the audience including the Canadian audience throughout all phases, i.e. pre-launch, launch and post-launch. Producer may but is not obligated to include the cost of implementing a Phase 1 Discoverability Plan in this development phase.

The copyright of the project(s) being developed must be owned, optioned or controlled by the applicant.

Amount of Funding Contribution:
Funding is available as a non-repayable grant of 75% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $100,000. Applicants are encouraged to build collaborative partnerships that can serve to strengthen the overall success of the development and the ultimate financing of the production of the webdoc.

1 CAVCO definition for documentary