Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and TELUS Fund unite to support Canadian content producers


The Audience Development Pilot Project provides producers with knowledge, tools and benchmarks to elevate audience development success.

In an industry first, Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and TELUS Fund, three Canadian Certified Independent Production Funds (CIPFs), have signed on to a pilot project that will drive the discoverability of Canadian content, and equi¬p content producers with new tools, insights and knowledge to help build audiences for their projects.

Spearheaded by Vancouver-based Magnify Digital, the Audience Development Pilot Project aims to share audience insights to increase the discoverability of future Canadian content and standardize audience development requirements and reporting periods across the three funders.

In a joint statement, Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and TELUS Fund say: “For Canadian content to rise above the rest, collaboration is key. We are happy to be joining the Audience Development Pilot Project on the ground floor, and look forward to working towards shared goals with our industry partners.”

Magnify Digital’s new audience analytics platform, ViewerCentric™, is a cornerstone of the initiative. This proudly Canadian innovation aggregates and visualizes audience data from multiple sources to help producers track results. The co-ordinated trial of the tool by Bell Fund, TELUS Fund, and Shaw Rocket Fund will enable creators to obtain audience intelligence in a timely manner, and inform new features on the platform. As the initiative progresses, ViewerCentric will build a deep database of audience analytics enabling rich insights and project performance benchmarks.

Informed by years of research and development led by Magnify Digital – including two national training tours and a research phase that engaged 60 stakeholders across the Canadian screen media industry – the Audience Development Pilot Project lays the foundation for increasing the discoverability of future Canadian content, benefitting the industry as a whole.

Moyra Rodger, CEO of Magnify Digital says: “For more than a decade, Magnify Digital has invested heavily in innovative tools, training and services to help producers and media businesses build audiences. This unique industry collaboration takes that work to the next level.”
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