The Bell Fund Announces the Results of the May 1, 2019 Deadline for the TV Program.

Toronto, (Ontario), Montréal (Québec), 18 June 2019.  The board of directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the May 1, 2019 round of applicants. Over $2.8M in grants has been approved to support 11 independent production companies across 8 English language and 4 French language projects. Funding was awarded to 6 drama and 2 lifestyle series in the English language and 4 drama series in the French language.

1. The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s TV Program:

TV Program
Look Mom! Productions – Blue Ant Media
Blue Ant - A.Side TV
6 x 30 min
America’s favorite crypto-zoological hominid is recast as the modern-day everyman, struggling with eating disorders, casual cannibalism, pop culture, and philosophical quandaries.
Coroner (Season 2)
Muse Entertainment
8 x 60 min
Jenny Cooper is a coroner who is tested emotionally and physically as she investigates suspicious deaths in Toronto.
Handmade Hotels (Season 2)
Architect Films
Blue Ant - Makeful
6 x 30 min
Host Katie Herbert explores homes that have been transformed into short-term rental destinations giving viewers an aspirational jaunt through a multitude of unique spaces.
Hudson and Rex (Season 2)
Shaftesbury Films
Rogers - City, FXX
16 x 60 min
Set in St. John’s, Newfoundland, this action-packed police procedural focuses on the partnership between a dedicated detective, and his extraordinary partner, Rex, a German Shepherd. Together, Rex and Charlie combine their individual skills to solve the most puzzling crimes.
Super Channel & Super Écran
6 x 52 min
Set against the backdrop of a futuristic cityscape, this unusual spy thriller features a world of fabulous wealth and opportunity that hides a much darker and sinister side.
Opening: Sicily
Riverbank Pictures
TLN - Telelatino Network
6 x 30 min
Premier Canadian chefs (and best friends) Rob Rossi and Craig Harding are heading out on their final culinary adventure together to the island of Sicily, with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and culinary treasures.
The Trickster
Sienna Films
6 x 60 min
Jared, an Indigenous teenager struggling to keep his dysfunctional family afloat, starts seeing weird things. But he’s not crazy, he’s inherited magical abilities from his real dad, Wade, the Trickster.
Distinct Features
10 x 30 min
When urban Indigenous power-couple Darryl and Rayna Michon uproot their family, abandon their affluent life in Toronto and move home to the Rez, everything they’ve worked for is compromised, including their marriage.

2. The following French language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s TV Program:

For further details on the projects below, please see our French language website:

TV Program
File d’attente (Season 2)
TV5 - Unis TV
13 x 30 min
M’entends tu? (Season 2)
Trio Orange
10 x 30 min
C’est comme ça que je t’aime (fka On est faire pour vivre ensemble)
Productions Casablanca
Ici Radio-Canada
10 x 60 min
Productions Casablanca
Corus Média - Séries +
6 x 60 min


The Bell Fund provides grants to Canadian media content makers who create and produce engaging content for audiences in Canada and around the world. Bell Fund investments support content development and production for broadcast and digital platforms that are accessible to all Canadians. For 20 years, since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested over $200 million in 2,000 Canadian screen-based, media projects.

The Bell Fund receives annual contributions of approximately $13 million from Bell TV as part of its broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the industry. The Fund was also awarded a $10 million endowment from Bell TV which supports the Fund’s development programming. The Bell Fund is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors representing various sectors of the television and digital media industry.

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