We’ve collaborated with the Bell Fund for over 20 years and have watched this amazing fund drive innovation in the interactive space that has reached far beyond the borders of Canada.

DEEP Inc./Liquid Cinema Inc.

By supporting the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, Bell Fund shows their commitment to inspiring diverse storytelling, exciting creations and collaborations across all of Canada.

JENN BROWNExecutive Director
St. John's International Women's Film Festival

For 10 years Bell Fund and WIFT-T have supported innovation, capacity building, and diversity in the industry by nurturing entrepreneurs through business-focused programs and international events.

HEATHER WEBBExecutive Director
Women in Film & Television-Toronto (WIFT-T)

Bell Fund’s support of Corner Gas: The Movie resulted in the film reaching 7 million Canadians and created a way for fans to engage and demand more Corner Gas. The result? Corner Gas Animated this spring!

VIRGINIA THOMPSON | Executive Producer
Corner Gas

Canada in a Day is a feature documentary made from videos filmed by Canadians which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Bell Fund who made the campaign and website where people uploaded their videos a reality. Thank you Bell Fund!

Trish Dolman | Producer/President
Screen Siren Pictures Inc.

"From creating 'the world’s first sit.com' to a 'choose-your-own-ending' TV show, the Bell Fund has been an indispensable ally in the Smiley Guy mission to push the limits of immersive entertainment."

JONAS DIAMOND | Executive Producer
Smiley Guy Studios

Our partner from the beginning…  Bell Fund has supported us, taken risks with us and brought new experiences to our fans.  Because of Bell Fund, we’ve grown our interactive team from 1 person to 25.

BLAIR POWERS | Executive Producer
Sinking ship entertainment

Thanks to the support of the Bell Fund, we’re able to pursue innovative opportunities to expand the storyworlds of shows like Murdoch Mysteries, building loyal fandoms across Canada & around the world.


I want to congratulate The Bell Fund. Without such funds, Canadian Producers would not be able to create important cultural stories and allow shows like Mohawk Girls to be seen by audiences around the world.

CHRISTINA FON | Producer/Executive Producer
Mohawk Girls

The Bell Fund has always been at the forefront of innovation in the digital space.  They have pushed us to take the road less travelled, creating new and exciting ways to entertain and engage viewers.

Mosaic Entertainment Inc.

Marblemedia has been very fortunate to work with the Bell Fund, since our first project in 2001. Throughout these past 17 years, the fund has shared our values and supported our efforts in creating premium, world-class, cross-platform content to engage and resonate with audiences around the world. Their support has helped fuel the creation of projects that have accelerated the growth and reputation of marblemedia and our interactive digital media division.

MARK BISHOP | Co-CEO/Executive Producer

By supporting Interactive Ontario’s work, the Bell Fund has helped Ontario’s interactive digital media companies grow through professional development opportunities, networking and access to funding.

Interactive Ontario

For our series Taken (centring on the stories of Canada's MMIWG), the Bell Fund made possible a groundbreaking website (Season I) and app (Season II) that are used as resources across the nation.

Eagle Vision

Bell Fund continues to be a vital and bold industry supporter of new forms of non-fiction media creation. Our partnership has been crucial to helping professionals stay competitive in a shifting media landscape.

DOC Institute

The Bell Fund has been a crucial partner in Prime Time's success over many years. Their constant support has helped us innovate new programming and bring more international speakers to our Canadian audience.  Happy 20th!

Outreach and Strategic Initiatives CMPA

The Bell Fund has allowed us to reach millions of Canadians with a message of celebrating our homegrown talent. Their support was crucial to bringing everyday Canadians closer to our screen-industry innovators.

BETH JANSON | Chief Executive Officer
Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television /
Académie canadienne du cinéma et de la télévision