Review the documents on and start your draft application.

We are anticipating a large volume of applicants so don’t wait until May 7 as servers might be busy and the application cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Project must be a professional, premium quality short-form, fiction, series and you must have the following at the time of application:

A licence agreement (or commitment) with an eligible platform or Canadian Distributor (note; if your platform does not provide a written agreement you may select the ‘waiver option’ in the application; note: there are additional requirements for those seeking waivers) (refer to guidelines)

10% of series budget must be financed by a 3rd party (see updates in guidelines)

Series Teaser (max two minutes)

A script of one of the episodes

Project Details Form

Series budget & finance plan (including costs for closed-captioning (and described video if there is a regulatory requirement))

Discoverability plan and budget (& finance plan if applicable) These are critical components to your application.  Read the Discoverability Plan Document and work with an established company if you do not have the expertise.

Convergent Projects

Film and tv convergent projects are ineligible.  The short-form digital series program is for original digital series.  The series may not be associated with a tv program currently under license by a broadcaster.

See the Bell Fund Development and Short-Form Digital Series Guidelines and FAQs for more details including information about eligible platforms.