Make sure your project is a Webdoc.
A Webdoc, also known as an i-doc or Interactive documentary, is a documentary project that:

– Is similar to a film or television documentary, in that the project presents a creative interpretation of actuality
– Allows the user to navigate through the components of the project autonomously
– Is a standalone project where substantial content is produced exclusively for an interactive experience (as opposed to a convergent interactive documentary)
– Is a digital media project that is comprised of content designed for and delivered on a digital network
– Features video content as well as various other media – such as images, photos, animatics, text, audio/sound, hyperlinks and user-generated content.

The following are eligible types of content:

– Video (moving images with or without sound, limited interaction with user)
– Rich interactive media (multiple paths possible, that require interaction from user to complete)
– Game (rules, progression, rewards or other “playing features”)
– Social media (real-time creation and exchange of user-generated content, “many-to-many” approach”)

Make sure your project is eligible.
Convergent projects are not eligible. (Meaning your webdoc may not be associated with a tv project.)

Secure ‘a letter’ of market interest from one of the following sources.
: CRTC Licensed Broadcaster Digital Platform

‘ DigitalPlatform Accessible to Canadians (Canadian or Foreign owned)”note this platform must be approved by the Bell Fund prior to application. Please email or call the office directly to determine eligibility.

: Canadian Distributor (with interest in making the project available on one of the options listed above)

If you are confident that your project is a non-convergent webdoc and you have a commitment from an acceptable platform or distributor you can prepare to apply!

Give yourself time to prepare.

Review the documents on including the document checklist, assessment criteria, guidelines and finance/budgetary policies.
Read the FAQs on
Download and start working on your “Project Details Form’ and webdocs budget/finance plan.
(Although the guidelines mention providing a ”Phase 1 Discoverability Plan” at application this is not necessary and instead will form part of the development deliverables.)
Note; you do not need 10% cash from a 3” party however you still need to finance 25% of your project because the Bell Fund non-repayable grant is up to 75% of the eligible costs to a maximum of $100,000.

If you don’t already have an account with the BellFund visit the online application portal via and set it up. We plan to open the online portal for applications Dec 19, 2017so you can start your draft application at that time. You can save and edit your draft until the deadline of Feb 5 at which time you will “submit’.

Submitting your application in advance of the deadline isn’t beneficial, however, we are anticipating a large volume of applicants so don’t wait until the deadline of Feb 5, 2018 as servers might be busy and the application cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Due to expected volume, incomplete applications may not be considered.