Make sure you have ‘a slate’.
Although you may apply with one project we are hoping you have 2 or 3.  Each project in your slate will be evaluated individually so it is possible to have an approval on one of your development projects and not another.

Make sure your project is eligible.
Convergent projects are not eligible. (Meaning your development projects may not be associated with a tv project.)

Feature Films, MOWs and primarily repurposed content is ineligible.

One of your slate must be development for a ‘linear video project’; other projects in the slate may be multi-platform.

Your projects may be at any stage of development.

Make sure your financing is in order:
You need 10% cash from a 3rd party for EACH project in your slate.

Secure Evidence of Market Interest:
(minimum 1 option must be selected from the following 5 options per project)

  1. A CRTC licensed, Broadcaster or Broadcaster-owned Digital Platform
  2. A Canadian hybrid VOD
  3. A Digital Platform accessible to Canadians (Canadian or Foreign-owned) that commissions content and is not a self-publishing platform such as You Tube or Facebook.
  4. A Canadian Distributor
  5. A self-publishing platform, such as You Tube or Facebook along with sufficient data and insights to prove evidence of market interest. Approval is at the discretion of the Bell Fund.

If you are confident to this point  you can prepare to apply!

Give yourself time to prepare.
Review the documents on including the document checklist, assessment criteria, guidelines and finance/budgetary policies.

Read the FAQs on

Download and start working on your “Project Details Form’ and slate budgets.

If you don’t already have an account with the Bell Fund visit the online application portal via and set it up. We plan to open the online portal for applications January 8, 2018 so you can start your draft application at that time. You can save and edit your draft until the deadline of Feb 5 at which time you will “submit’.

Submitting your application in advance of the deadline isn’t beneficial, however, we are anticipating a large volume of applicants so don’t wait until the deadline of Feb 5, 2018 as servers might be busy and the application cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Due to expected volume, incomplete applications may not be considered.