The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the October 1, 2015 round of applications. Over $4.3M in grants has been approved for 37 of the 58 (English and French) applications received, as follows:

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program:


Fresh TV Inc.
Executive Producers: Brian Irving, George Elliott, Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis
Producers: Brian Irving, Byron MartinFamily Channel, 30 x 23 mins

Backstage Interactive – “Too Much Keaton”
Secret Location
Executive Producer: James Milward
Producer: CJ Hervey
A youth-oriented drama about eight talented teens chasing their dreams at a performing arts school. The series will look at the students’ lives as they practice, perform, and aim for the top – all while dealing with everyday teen issues.
Extended content online and on mobile about the fictional world of the performing arts high school in Backstage. The website will host a gossip-style magazine with exclusive video, media reports, celebrity profiles, photo leaks, surveys, and polls.

Take the Shot Productions Inc.
Executive Producers: Brad Peyton, Alex Patrick, Michael Levine, Rob Blackie
Producer: John VatcherDiscovery Canada, Netflix, 6 x 60 mins

What the Future Holds
Take the Shot Productions Inc., Hatchet Season 1 Inc.
Executive Producers: Brad Peyton, Alex Patrick, Rob Blackie
Producer: John VatcherDM Service Co: Switch United

A historical adventure drama about the violent conflicts and power struggles of the North American fur trade in the 18th century. This look into Canada’s history will be action-packed and will explore themes of ambition and self-determination.
A responsive website showing the backstory of the characters of “Frontier” through 24 interconnected short films. In these prequel episodes, characters deliver monologues about their respective paths and future journeys.

Hip Hop Evolution 
Banger Films
Executive Producers: Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn, Nelson George
Producer: Darby WheelerThe Movie Network, Movie Central, 2 x 120 mins

Hip Hop Evolution Interactive
Banger Films
Executive Producers : Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn
Producer: Darby WheelerDM Service Co: Secret Location

A documentary on the rise of hip hop. Host Shad Kabango travels across America to speak with some of hip hop’s most high-profile artists and explore how this musical movement came to be.
A web portal for hip hop-centered content wherein users can access a customizable trailer-maker and extended footage from the film. A feature allowing content managers to post news and video from other sources will make the web portal a destination site for fans of hip hop culture.

HGTV Home to Win 
Stitch Media
Executive Producers: Tanya Linton, Mike Sheerin
Producer: Cara VolchoffHGTV Canada, 10 x 44 mins

Home to Win Integrated Digital Strategy
Stitch Media
Executive Producers: Tanya Linton, Mike Sheerin
Producers: Cara Volchoff, Evan Jones
Celebrity home remodel experts from HGTV will turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary dream home. Audiences nationwide will compete to win the home, which will be revealed room-by-room on the show each week.
An interactive online experience where fans can explore each room of the featured house, hear the hosts speak about their design choices, and virtually customize the rooms to create their own dream home.

Justin Time Season 3
Guru Studio
Executive Producers: Frank Falcone, Mary Bredin
Producer: Kristine KlohkFamily Channel, 26 x 11 mins

Justin Time Fun!
Guru Studio
Executive Producers: Mary Bredin, Frank Falcone
Producer: Gareth Elliot
An animated children’s series about Justin and his imaginary friends as they set off on adventures in places ranging from ancient Egypt to outer space.
Ten mini-games games available on web and mobile for young fans of the show. All the games will be linked through an interactive exploration around Justin’s house, where players will hunt down collectibles and search for the location to launch the mini-games.

Slugterra Season 4
DHX Media Vancouver / Nerd Corps
Executive Producers: Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, Kirsten Newlands
Producer: Asaph FipkeFamily Channel, 4 x 22 mins

Slugterra Season 4 Digital Media
DHX Media Vancouver / Nerd Corps
Executive Producers: Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, Kirsten Newlands
Producer : Asaph Fipke
A children’s sci-fi comedy adventure set in an underground world where characters fight evil by collecting, training, and dueling magical slugs.
Five new webisodes – or “slugisodes” – to accompany the show, as well as the mobile game “Slug It Out: Shadow Wars.” The 3D world of the popular battle game will be revitalized with new slugs to train, new villains to fight, and new gear to sport while doing it.

The Wild Canadian Year
Wild Year Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer: Caroline Underwood
Producers: Jeff Turner, Sue Turner, Jeff MoralesCBC, 5 x 60 mins

Wild Canadian Year Interactive
Secret Location
Executive Producer : James Milward
Producer: Noora Abu Eitah
A documentary series that looks at Canada’s four distinct seasons and their effects on Canada’s extraordinary and diverse wildlife. Host David Suzuki explores the idea that seasons and seasonal weather define the lives of all of Canada’s creatures.
A website with extended content about Canada’s weather and wildlife, experienced through 360-degree virtual reality videos of panoramic landscapes, as well as traditional 2D videos and still photography.

Wynonna Earp
Digital Howard Inc.
Executive Producers: Jordy Randall, Tom Cox, Emily Andras, Rick Jacobs, Todd Berger
Producer: Brian DennisCHCH, 13 x 60 mins

Wynonna Earp Digital
Digital Howard Inc.
Executive Producer: Jarrett Sherman
Producer: Daniel Dales
In this modern supernatural Western, gun-slinger Wynonna Earp attempts to end a family curse by destroying all the supernatural villains that her ancestors have ever faced.
The interactive experience comprises an immersive website and extensive social media campaign. The website’s 3D Story Visualizer, or StoryVerse, will allow fans to explore the characters, relationships, and history of the show’s story world. In addition, a campaign launched at the end of the season will allow viewers to unlock a secret website as a tease for the second season.

The following French language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program:


Body Language 2
Productions Lustitia Inc.
Producer: Renée-Claude RiendeauCanal D, 6 x 46 mins

Body Language 2
Productions Lustitia Inc.
Producer: Renée-Claude Riendeau

Canot Cocasse
Manito Media inc.
Producer: Charles ClémentTV5 UNIS, 26 x 11 mins

Canot Cocasse
Manito Media inc.
Producer: Charles Clément

Sardine Productions inc.
Producer: Ghislain Cyr, Madeleine Lévesque, Luc WisemanTélétoon, 40 x 11 mins

Marty’s Special Delivery
Sardine Productions inc.
Producer: Ghislain Cyr, Madeleine Lévesque, Luc Wiseman

Science ou Magie I (1-26)
Prestigo Médias
Producer: Daniel CoutuSRC, 26 x 15 mins

L’application mobile Science ou Magie 
Prestigo Médias
Producer: Daniel Coutu

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Low Budget Production Program:


2016 Canadian Screen Awards
Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television
Executive Producers: Helga Stephenson, Barry Avrich, Danielle Kappy, Michael SchwartzCBC, 1 x 120 mins

2016 Canadian Screen Awards FanZone
Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television
Executive Producer: Helga Stephenson
Producer: Karen BruceDM Service Co.: Innovate by Day, Smiley Guy Studios

The Canadian Screen Awards is a two-hour live broadcast event celebrating the best in Canadian film, television, and digital media.
The FanZone website will be a place for fans to vote for the Fan’s Choice Award, join a Superfan Club, answer polls, take quizzes, view videos, and sign up to attend the Canadian Screen Awards Red Carpet event.

Big Brother Canada 
Insight Production Company Ltd.
Executive Producers: John Brunton, Barbara Bowlby
Producers: Erin Brock, Sue BropheyGlobal, 29 x 60 mins

Big Brother Canada 
Secret Location
Executive Producers: CJ Hervey, Noora Abu Eitah, James Milward
Producer: Ashlee Lougheed
Contestants vying for the grand prize on the reality competition show “Big Brother Canada” live together in a house outfitted with cameras capturing their every move. The “houseguests” compete against each other in challenges and vote one person out of the house each week until a winner is chosen.
A website that will be a content hub with videos, cast bios, and blog posts for fans to follow as the show airs.

Brojects: In The House
Farmhouse Productions
Executive Producers: Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles
Producers: Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles, Howard Ng, Kevin BucklesCottage Life, 13 x 30 mins

Brojects: In the House & Interactive 
Farmhouse Productions
Executive Producers: Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles
Producers: Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles, Howard Ng, Kevin BucklesDM Service Co.: Smiley Guy Studios

Brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles use their creative expertise to turn traditional run-of-the-mill homes and cottages into ultimate escape destinations.
An immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience manifested in online webisodes allowing users to become more hands-on with the project builds. Mobile apps that will allow users to turn their smartphones into VR headsets will also be available.

0991015 BC Ltd.
Producers: Nettie Wild, Betsy CarsonSuper Channel, Knowledge, Canal D

North through South 
Canada Wild Productions Ltd.
Producer: Erin SkillenDM Service Co.: One Net Marketing

A documentary about people whose livelihoods and cultures are intrinsically tied to the land in northwestern BC, and how their lives are changing in response to significant environmental and economic transformations.
A spoken word artist, choreographer, band, body paint artist, and graffiti artist will interpret media from the documentary on an interactive website. Viewers of the interpretations will be able to create their own expressions through a virtual stereoscope.

Sphinx Productions
Executive Producer: Ron Mann
Producers: Ron Mann, Alex JansenTVO, 1 x 30 mins

Kenk: Interactive Comic Book
Pop Sandbox
Executive Producer: Jane Jankovic
Producer: Alex JansenDM Service Co.: The Juggernaut, Golden Gear

A documentary looking at the life and ideologies of Igor Kenk, the infamous and prolific bicycle thief eventually arrested in Toronto. The film, which will be told through both interviews and animated sequences, will also cover the ongoing issue of bike theft.
An interactive comic book available on web and mobile expanding on the backstory of Igor Kenk. The comic book will be brought to life through animation and panel expansion options available to the reader.

Naiad Productions
Executive Producer: Ron Mann
Producer: Caitlin DurlakSuper Channel, 1 x 90 mins

Mermaids: Part of Their World
Naiad Productions
Producers: Caitlin Durlak, Thomas WallnerDM Service Co.: DEEP Inc., Primitive Entertainment

A feature documentary about the icon of the mermaid and the growing subculture surrounding it. The film will follow five mermaid performers to conventions, theme parks, and even a “mer wedding” to explore the allure of the mermaid.
A story-driven website with videos, photos, and additional information about the subjects of the film. The website will feature an immersive 360-degree underwater experience where users can dive into the ocean and interact with sea creatures alongside a mermaid.

Moosemeat and Marmalade Season 2
May Street Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer: Hilary Pryor
Producers: Art Napoleon, Mike WavrecanAPTN, 13 x 30 mins

Moosemeat and Marmalade 2 Interactive – Where Paths Converge
May Street Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer: Hilary Pryor
Producer: Mike WavrecanDM Service Co.: Switch United

Two chefs, one Canadian Cree and the other British, explore contrasting cultures and traditions in the way we access, cook, and present food. In each episode, a chef chooses an ingredient – ranging from porcupine to haggis – and uses it to lead a culinary journey.
A website presented in exploratory documentary style with video clips, photos, and narration exploring the distinct cultural backgrounds of the two co-hosts of the show. Their story will be told in five chapters through parallax scrolling screens.

The following projects received Development funding:

Ping Pong Interactives
Kondolole Films Inc.
Ernest Godin, Annick DeVries, Celia Catunda, TV PinGuim, PG Producoes de Cinema, Televisao e Video Ltda
TVO, Télé-Québec

Inspector Gadget
DHX Media Vancouver / Nerd Corps
Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier

Quartiers sous tension – Gentrification
Productions InformAction
Nathalie Barton

The following projects received Performance Accelerator funding:

Le Rêve de Champlain
Groupe Fair-Play Inc. and Slalom Productions Inc.
Jean-François Cartier, Michel St-Cyr and Guy Villeneuve (Groupe Fair-Play Inc.)
Marie-Pierre Gariépy (Slalom Productions Inc.)

The following organizations received Professional Development funding:

2016 Canadian Screen Awards
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
DOC Institute Savvy Producer Program Events
DOC Toronto Chapter
nextMEDIA 2015 
Banff Television Festival Foundation
Prime Time in Ottawa 
Canadian Media Production Association
Story Summit 
Alberta Media Production Industries Association
TIFF Kids 2016 (Industry Conference) 
Toronto International Film Festival Inc.

Regroupement des producteurs multimédia 
JAM 360 2015

Regroupement des producteurs multimédia 
Activités 2016

Femmes du Cinéma, de la Télévision et des Médias Numériques (FCTMN) 
Carte blanche 2015

The following projects received TV Development Online funding:

Les Brutes
Les Productions Brutes
Eva-Rose Mercier

The Bell Fund provides grants to Canadian independent producers who develop and produce engaging, interactive cross-platform digital content for Canadian broadcasters to complement and enhance associated television programs. Since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested over $155M in over 1,600 Canadian digital media projects, television programs, development grants, co-productions and support for research and professional development. The Bell Fund also undertakes training, research, business development and promotion for the digital media industry.

The Bell Fund receives annual contributions of approximately $16 M from Bell TV as part of its broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the industry. In addition, the Development Program is supported by the interest generated by a $10M endowment, and contributions from Aliant. The Bell Fund is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors representing various sectors of the television and digital media industry.

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