The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the May 1, 2015 round of applications.

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program:


The Adventures of Napkin Man Season 2
Breakthrough Entertainment
Producers: Sharon Summerling, Suzie Gallo, Brenda Nietupski, Ira Levy, Peter Williamson, Michael McGuigan, Nat Abraham, Josh SeligCBC, 10 x 30 mins
The Adventures of Napkin Man Online
Breakthrough Entertainment
Producer: Michael McGuigan
Executive Producers: Ira Levy, Peter WilliamsonDM Service Co .: Digital Howard
A series for preschoolers that combines live-action and animation to help young children better understand and manage their day-to-day emotions.
Four interactive episodes featuring ‘interactive modules’ that give the young audience the chance to directly engage with the episodes they’ve just watched on television.

Ruby Tree Films Inc.
Producers: Donna Davies, Ann BernierZoom Media – One, 8 x 30 mins
Fearless Online Magazine
Ruby Tree Films Inc.
Producers: Donna Davies, Ann BernierDM Service Co.: RedSpace
A series that features innovators in science, technology, health and business aged 40 and up as they explore their future potential.
A platform for users to connect, engage and expand their knowledge with the latest resources focused on aging, from science to mindfulness to social responsibility.

Executive Producer Rental : James Milward, CJ Hervey
Producer: Noora Abu EitahZoomer Media – One, 13 x 22 mins
FitX Fitness App
Producer Rental : Noora Abu Eitah
Executive Producers: James Milward, CJ Hervey
Each week, host Adrianne explores a fitness theme and profiles a fitness expert ranging from pro-athletes to trainers and coaches. Each episode also presents nutritional and lifestyle segments.
The FitX Fitness App provides users with “gamified” fitness programs that use activity tracking and a system that converts the viewer’s effort into points that unlock exclusive content and sponsored rewards.

Season 2
Banger Films
Executive Producers: Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn
Co-Producer: Ben SulzenkoDHX – Disney XD, 25 x 30 mins
Gaming Show Season 2: Beyond the Garage
Banger Movies
Producer: Scot McFadyenDM Service Co .: Secret Location
Kids are the hosts of this magazine-style series with a distinctly “by kids for kids” aesthetic. Kids explore and embrace the world of gaming and online culture with a fun, comedy-focused energy.
The Gaming Center will be happy to help you. The Gaming Center also offers fans the opportunity to play games alongside the hosts in real time, and an after-show with two new hosts’ on the couch.

Love It or List It Vancouver Season 3
Big Coat Productions
Executive Producers: Maria Armstrong, Catherine Fogarty
Producers: Maria Armstrong, Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Shel PiercyCorus – W Network, 26 x 44 mins
Love It or List It Game
Big Coat Productions
Producers: Maria Armstrong, Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Shel Piercy
Executive Producers: Maria Armstrong, Catherine Fogarty
Love it or List It Vancouver showcases families who are struggling with homes that no longer follow their needs. Homeowners face the dilemma of whether they should try to love their home again, or list it.
Users step into the role of Interior Designer or Real Estate Agent as they compete to convince homeowners to love it or list it. The game includes integrated social functionality where users can share their campaigns, earn experience points and in-game currency to customize their experience.

Newfoundland at Armageddon
Galafilm Productions Inc.
Executive Producers: Arnie Gelbart, Barbara Doran
Producers: Natalie Dubois, Barbara DoranCBC Doc, SRC, ICI, 2 x 60 mins
Newfoundland at Armageddon
Galafilm Productions Inc.,
Producer: Natalie Dubois
Executive Producers: Arnie GelbartDM Service Co .: Productions Les Affranchis
A two-hour special to commemorate the battle of Beaumont-Hamel and the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War. Featuring interviews with prominent Newfoundlanders, descendants of soldiers and nurses, and scenes of life in wartime Newfoundland and of the battle.
Interactive memories, part web-doc, the website allows users to discover the impact of the conflict on Newfoundland and Canada as well as their own family connection through the daily publication of a small, autonomous and interlinked capsule called Tiles of Memory.

The following Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program:


Attraction Images Productions
Producer: Dominique VeilletICI ARTV, 12 x 60 mins
Reading IV
Attraction Images Productions
Producer: Micho Marquis-RoseDM Service Co .: Productions Version 10
Reading is a literary program built on a simple, effective and accessible principle: exchange. Each week, Claudia Larochelle, accompanied by one of her collaborators, receives two readers. Both readers are known personalities from all walks of life. All the guests participate in a discussion about the book of the week, they offer books that have marked them and receive a book as a gift from Claudia.
The experience proposed for the fourth season of Read, focuses on community and exchanges. An enhanced reading club will be the focus of the digital offering. New content will be created, both by the program team and the members, each enriching and fueling the conversation around literature. Using his or her personalized fact sheet, the member of the book club will be able to easily publish and share with the community his / her literary finds, reading lists, book reviews, favorite quotes and comments. In addition, his card will allow him to quickly find the contents likely to interest him and to archive his favorite contents. Members will also have first access to the list of books that will be read to Read and competitions. So,

Producer: Josée FortierTele-Québec, 12 x 30 mins
It’s not me it’s you
Producer: Geneviève ProvostDM Service Co .: Turbulent Media Inc.
A tasty series of sketches by Marc Brunet (Les Bobos, Le coeur a ses raisons, etc.), C’est pas moi, c’est toi, you illustrate with humor the reality and the concerns of Generation Y, this “slice” a company that grew up with personal computers, video games and the Internet. Each 30-minute weekly appointment consists of eight or nine varied sketches that bring irresistible characters to the forefront. Touring outdoors and using the talent of a dozen young homemade comedians, the series features parodies of popular ads or clips on YouTube, meetings with friends, conversations with couples and many other situations inspired by the frenetic sentimental life of the “Y”. Cocasses to wish,
The digital part of C’est pas moi, c’est toi will offer you a playful and interactive documentary experience. With the humorous and staggering tone of the show, the Perfect Little Book Y will offer a new approach to the subject of the series: the life of generation Y. Accessible on the web, on tablet and on mobile, the manual will be broken down into 12 chapters during the broadcast of the program. It will invite users to question themselves about their own uses through interactive quizzes and to compare their love behaviors with those of the Y. The manual will be thought in a very “Y” format: the documentary information will be presented in a playful way and very visual, within an interface rich in animated infographics and quality content.

For Sarah
Productions For Sarah
Producers: François Rozon, Michel d’Astous, Vincent Gagné, Anne BoyerVAT, 10 x 60 mins
For Sarah
Productions For Sarah
Producers: François Rozon, Michel d’Astous, Vincent Gagné, Anne BoyerDM Service Co .: Productions Les Affranchis
On his 18th birthday, Cedric had a serious car accident. In the vehicle is Sarah, her 17-year-old childhood friend. For the two young people, as well as for their parents, life is rocking. In addition to the physical sequelae that will leave Sarah heavily handicapped, it is the beginning of a medical, legal, emotional battle that will draw the members of this small community against each other and force them to tap into new resources.
The digital part of Pour Sarah is a web platform that invites the audience of the series and the teenagers to reflect on the issues raised in the television series, namely the importance of adopting responsible behaviors and to avoid excesses (alcohol, drugs, speed at the wheel, etc.). Through a dynamic information section, as well as a “Make the right choice” game – a cross between a quiz and crazy micro-games – the proposed digital experience will allow us to support awareness messages through a playful experience , based on positive reinforcement and far from moralizing discourses.

Producer: Isabelle OuimetV TV, 26 X 30 mins
SQ II – The interrogation
Producer: François Veillette
The documentary series SQ presents the work of the agents of the Sûreté du Québec as it is seen every day. In this second season, the documentary team is again immersed in the unknown universe of policing by witnessing many events that seem out of the ordinary but to which agents are regularly confronted. During the episodes, the agents reveal themselves, explain their motivations, their actions, their personal reflections so as to let us discover the human being behind their images of authority. SQ raises the veil on a job that is believed to know but has never seen so close.
The SQ II interactive experience offers the user an immersive experience in which he becomes a police officer of the Sureté du Québec, who must question suspects. During his investigation, the player will discover that every gesture or question he poses, even the most innocuous, has consequences on the progress of the investigation. What’s more, reversals can blur the tracks. The website also offers a participatory section where users can ask questions to an agent, who answers in video format. These two components, combined with the informative content on the TV series, offer a new experience to users, on all devices.

The Fishers – Season 3
Just for Laughs TV
Producers: Louis-Philippe Rochon, Martin RoyICI Radio-Canada, 13 x 30 minutes
The Fishers – Season 3
Just for Laughs TV
Producer: Louis-Philippe Rochon, Martin RoyDM Service Co .: Version 10
Every week, Martin Petit receives a duet from the big family of the world of humor and entertainment for a weekend of fishing in a rustic and bucolic! Far from the city and the family life, Martin and his friends will live surprising and comical situations, especially since they are presented to us as we know them! Real humorous style exercises and tailor-made writing according to the guests, the situations are inspired by tasty sketches that Martin Petit often played on stage.
La Pêche + is back with 13 new weekly editions. To meet the demand, the application is now available on Android tablets. Each edition has 15 to 20 pages. The most popular authors are back, as are the favorite content of the public, including thirty exclusive videos. Some new features are also offered, such as a 360 tour of Martin’s chalet. Now optimized for mobile, the official website offers a selection of content from the magazine. This season, the public can participate in the contest and share their personal stories on the testimonial wall. To promote the promotion of the offer, a complete strategy is put in place, including the production of a promotional video of the application.

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Funds Low Budget Production Program:


A Time to Swim
Catbird Productions
Producers: Katarina Soukup, Ashley DuongSuper Channel, 1 x 75 mins
A Time to Swim
Catbird Productions
Producer: Katarina SoukupDM Service Co: Folklore
A documentary that follows an indigenous leader who, after 20 years of exile in Canada, returns home when he learns his childhood village in the remote forests of Borneo is about to be destroyed.
An interactive website featuring 360-degree video panoramas inviting the user to experience key locations of the Bornean jungle, as well as sections featuring indigenous cultural resources and information about the documentary.

The Next Step – Season 3
Temple Street Productions
Executive Producer: Frank Van Keeken, David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, Laura Harbin
Producer: Laurie McLartyDHX – Family Channel, 30 x 22 mins
The Next Step Dance Battle Game
Temple Street Productions
Producer: Michel Pratte
Executive Producers: David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg
The Next Step follows the lives of an elite group of young dancers who live and breathe at the Next Step Studio. In Season 3, The Next Step for the title of International Champion.
A mobile game for kids that combines the characters, the studio space, the music, and dancing from the show in a casual game with the swipe action of Fruit Ninja.

Organic Panic
Sixteen Films Limited
Executive Producer: Moses Znaimer Producers: Chris Remerowski, David BrattonZoomer Media – VisionTV, 2 x 42 mins
Organic Panic Digital
Sixteen Films Ltd.
Producer: Chris Remerowski
Executive Producers: Moses ZnaimerDM Service Co .: Secret Location
Each episode pits an organic “Believer” against an organic “Skeptic”. Featuring interviews with experts on all sides of the debate.
Using a “Believer” vs. “Skeptic” mechanism, users can choose to watch competing points of view around specific topics and get feedback regarding their preferences around the topic of organic living.

Shoot the Messenger
Hungry Eyes Film & Television Inc.
Executive Producers: Jennifer Holness Sudz Sutherland
Producers: Jennifer Holness, Victoria WoodsCBC, 8 x 60 mins
Shoot the Messenger Digital Media
Hungry Eyes Film & Television Inc.
Producers: Jennifer Holness, Victoria Woods
Executive Produces Jennifer Holness Sudz SutherlandDM Service Co .: Innovate By Day
A serialized drama about a big city crime reporter and a homicide detective as they chase a sensational murder box that reaches into the corridors of political power and big money.
A content-rich experience on the show website and social media channels to engage viewers.

Space Race 2
Intuitive Pictures Inc.
Producer: Ina FichmanSuper Channel, 1 x 90 mins
Space Advisor
Intuitive Pictures Inc.
Producer: Ina FichmanDM Service Co .: Akufen
A documentary about the race to privatize space. Shot over six years, Space Race 2 show the birth of a space-faring humanity from the development and testing of reusable spaceships, to passengers preparing themselves for the first winning launch.
An interactive tourist guide to introduce the general public to what it would be like to be a tourist. Users view space destinations, shop for hotels, choose the best flights, explore the proposed activities and consult warnings, recommendations and advice on space tourism.

Studio Black! 
Picture Plant Limited
Executive Producer: William MacGillivray
Producer: Terry GreenlawCBC, 4 x 23 mins
Studio Black! Mini Cines
Stitch Media
Producer: Evan Jones
A four-part dramatic mini-series that re-interprets forgotten stories from Nova Scotia’s Black Communities.
Webisodes to give viewers a taste of what they can expect from the mini-series TV. Introduces cast members both as individuals, each with their own story to tell, and as a whole of Proud Black Canadians, representing their community and their history.

The following English language project received Production Grants under the Bell Funds Low Budget Production Program:


Because Que Films
Producer: Julia YaccariniEscape, 13 x 60 mins
Producer Films : Julia YaccariniDM Service Co .: Le Moulin
The TV series #TamyUSA, animated by the sparkling Tamy Emma Pepin presents a modern and visual way of travel: discover good addresses, secret spots, inspiring places, and meet creative individuals thanks to Instagram, in order to live spontaneous, unique and local experiences in large cities and large spaces. #TamyUSA is a series that looks at a whole generation of travelers who have mastered the art of storytelling through mobile photography.
Throughout her journey, Tamy searches and instapates Instagram, her members and her hastags, to find the places prized by the locals as well as unique and unusual places. Some of the Instagrammers and influencers that Tamy meets have tens of thousands or even millions of subscribers, enabling the facilitator and speakers to create live content and expose the content of the show to thousands new eyes.

The following project received Development Funding:

Wild Canadian Year Interactive
Secret Location
Noora Abu Eitah

The following project received Performance Accelerator Funding:

Slugterra: Slug it Out! Extension 2
DHX Media Vancouver / Nerd Corps
Asaph Fipke, Chuck Johnson, Ken Faier
DHX – Family Channel

The following organizations received Professional Development Funding:

2015 Children, Youth & Media Conference
Youth Media Alliance[Interactive] Film Industry Forum 2015
St. John’s International Women’s Film FestivalFocus Transmedia
Doc Circuit Montréal (the Montreal International Documentary Meetings Market)

Strategic Partners
Atlantic Film Festival Association

VIFF Industry
Vancouver International Film Festival

The following projects received TV Development Online Funding:

All For One
Corus Entertainment Inc.
Sarah Shelson, Lauren Evans, Kyle McCutcheon, Bernie Sue, John MacDonald
ABC Spark

In 5 minutes
Echo Média Productions inc.
Dominique Mendel
Canal D

Let’s set sail! 
Productions Pixcom Inc.
Izabel Chevrier, Nadine Durfour
ICI Radio-Canada

Wheat Kings
Suddenly SeeMore Productions Inc.
Steff Millman, Morgan Elliott
Bell Media – Discovery Canada

The Bell Fund is a Canadian-based, non-profit corporation. Since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested more than $ 150M in over 1,600 Canadian digital media projects, television programs, development grants, co-productions and support for research and professional development. The Bell Fund also undertakes training, research, business development and promotion for the digital media industry.

The Bell Fund receives annual contributions of approximately $ 16M from Bell TV as part of its broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the industry. In addition, the Development Program is supported by the $ 10M endowment, and contributions from Aliant. The Bell Fund is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors representing various sectors of the television and digital media industry.

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