Guidelines and Policies

The Bell Fund supports the development and production of premium quality, Canadian content for broadcast and digital platforms that are accessible to all Canadians.

As a national fund, the Bell Fund seeks opportunities to support organizations to enhance activities including but not limited to training, events, conferences and fellowships for the screen-based industry across Canada in English and French.

Bell Fund contributions support initiatives aimed at emerging creators, diverse voices and discoverability training, to help creators find and grow audiences.

Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your event/organization aligns with these objectives and Bell Fund programs we encourage you to contact the Bell Fund directly ( to ask about support. You might then be directed to apply via the online portal.

    Documentation Required

  1. A Project Details Form (using Bell Fund template)
  2. Applications require a completed Project Details Form
  3. Financial Structure and estimated revenue.
  4. List of Board of Directors and/or Advisory Committee Members.
    Financial Participation

  1. A contract establishes the terms and conditions of the grant.
  2. The Bell Fund assumes no responsibility for any deficit incurred by the applicant and expects no reimbursement in the event of a profit, as long as the applicant respects its budgetary and contractual commitments.
  3. Payments are made according to a payment schedule established for each project. Payments may be delayed or withheld if adequate documentation is not provided.
  4. Acceptance of funding from the Bell Fund establishes the Fund’s right to audit all accounts and records of the applicant.