The Bell Fund will only accept applications submitted via our online application portal. Hard copies of applications are no longer required or will be accepted.

1. Visit the page for the program you wish to apply for on the Bell Fund website.

  1. Read the program guidelines and policies.
  2. Download and fill in any required documents and the application project details.

2. Go to online application portal:

  1. NOTE: The online application portal works best in Chrome and Internet Explorer

3. Create an account.

  1. Each company may have only one.
  2. The IP owner should be the account holder and applicant. Service companies should not submit an application through their company’s accounts.
  3. This account will be used for ALL applications to the Bell Fund, Cogeco Program Development Fund and Independent Production Fund.
  4. The email used as the login for this account should (ideally) be a general email address, not a personal email. This email address will only be used as a contact for the account, not for specific applications. Each application has a place to put a contact for that particular project.

4. The first page is your Dashboard, this shows all submitted and draft applications and their status.

  1. Click the pencil icon to edit your application while it is still in draft.
  2. Click the red X if you’d like to delete an application draft.
  3. After the project is submitted, click the magnifying glass icon to view your application.

5. Click on the New Applications tab. Select the fund you wish to apply for. Then select the deadline you wish to apply for to the right of the program you are applying for.

6. Fill in the requested information.

  1. You can save your application as a draft at any time; you will be able to exit the application and continue to work on it at a later date.
  2. There is the option to download your application as a PDF and print it for your records.
  3. You can continue to revise your application until you get to the final page and click Submit.

7. After submitting your application, please log back into your account to see the status of your application.

  1. The application will be reviewed and marked as Eligible or Ineligible within three business days after the deadline.