The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the February 1, 2015 round of applications.

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program:


Amplify Her
Ten One Films
Executive Producer: Tracey Friesen
Producer: Nicole SorochanSuperchannel, 1 x 75 mins
Animate Her
One Net Marketing
Producer: Nicole Sorochan
A feature documentary about the lives of female electronic dance music (EDM) artists.
A series of six animated motion comics that tell the story of six electronic artists, inspired by classical mythology.

Annedroids Season 3
Sinking Ship Entertainment
Executive Producers: Blair Powers, JJ Johnson
Producers: Blair Powers, JJ JohnsonTVO, 13 x 22 mins
Annedroids Season 3
Sinking Ship Interactive
Producer: Blair Powers
A science-based live-action adventure series for 5-8 year olds that follows the adventures of genius kid-scientist Anne, her assistant Nick and her droid creations.
An interactive, “in-universe” experience for web and tablet, where users can play games, do activities and perform experiments. Users can complete “missions” based on advanced science concepts presented in Season 3 and collect points that can be redeemed for 3D models of various Annedroids characters and inventions.

Canada’s Smartest Person Season 2
Media Headquarters Inc.
Executive Producer: Robert Cohen
Producer: Barry DavisCBC, 7 x 60 mins and 1 x 120 mins
Canada’s Smartest Person Season 2
Konrad Group
Producer: Matt Odynski
Every week, four new hopefuls take on intelligence tests in front of a live audience in six categories: musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic. In the series final, episodic winners go to Canada’s Smartest Person.
A multiplatform (mobile, web and social media) experience to enhance the viewing experience of the television show. Viewers can be a part of the companion app.

Fangbone Season 1
Radical Sheep
Executive Producers: John Leitch, Simon Racciopa, Richard Elliott
Producers: John Leitch, Michelle MelansonDHX, 25 x 22 mins
Fangbone: Billbarians of Skullbania
Secret Rental
Producer: James Milward
An animated comedy-adventure series that follows Fangbone, a young barbarian from Skullbania who travels through a magical portal into the suburbs of our world, and his best friend Bill on wild weekly adventures as they bounce back and forth with skullbania’s vilest villain, the Venomous Drool.
An interactive Fangbone story world that users explore as their own customized Billbarian character. As the season progresses, new characters, beasts, environments and spells are added to the experience. Kid-created Billbarians will be showcased on-air each week.

Hi Opie! Season 2
Executive Producers: Mark Bishop, Matthew Hornburg
Producer: Larry MirkinTVO, 39 x 7 mins
Hi Opie! Season 2
marblemedia Interactive
Producer: Matthew Hornburg
A live-action preschool series about the adventures of a five-year-old puppet named Opie who just started kindergarten.
A virtual playground extension of the virtual classroom featuring games with educational play, and a PlayStory adventure called “The Field Trip” that models what to expect on a field trip for young users.

Slugterra Season III
Slugterrainea Productions (III)
Executive Producers: Asaph Fipke, Chuck Johnson, Ken Faier
Producer: Asaph FipkeFamily Channel, 13 x 22 mins
Slugterra Season III
Slugterrainea Productions (III)
Producer: Asaph Fipke
An animated sci-fi comedy adventure set deep underground where slugs are the ammo. In Season 3 Eli, Junjie and the Shane Gang Must Shuttle Slugterra from the sinister Emperor using their slug buddies and the ancient slugslinging secrets of Slug Fu.
A squad-based action game for iOS, Android and web. Users can manage and train their squads to get the edge in slug battles by using unique character and slug pairings.

Jennifer Pertsch, George Elliott, Brian Irving, Alex Ganetakos and Terry McGurrin Producers: Wren Errington, Christine Thompson, Ridonculous Race
Fresh TV
Executive Producers: Tom McGillis
Teletoon, 26 x 22 mins
Total Drama: Ridonculous Race
Secret Location
Producers: CJ Hervey, James Milward
An animated comedy where 18 pairs of contestants are put to the mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic race around the world. Each week has a new country, new challenges, and the last pair to arrive could face elimination.
A web and mobile experience where users will play as characters from the show. The game will be a combination of the “endless runner” genre and challenge based mini-games that echo the structure of the show.

The following Grants under the Bell Fund’s Production Program :



Bear Camping
Productions GFP
Producer: Mathieu AmadeiVrak, 26 x 30 mins
Camping de l’ours
Productions GFP
Producers: Michel Saint-Cyr, Guy VilleneuveDM Service Co .: Turbulent
An employee talking to weasels, a forest on the border of Quebec and Mexico: welcome to the only campsite … where the boss is a bear! As of July 2015, the young audience of VRAK falls under the charm of the delusional humorous series Camping de l’Ours.
Fanny’s blog, launched six weeks before the show, becomes the crossroads of complicity between the series and its followers throughout the year. Featuring exclusive videos and humorous content, the blog breaks here the classic form of the airing appointment to feed the daily narration TV. An interactive map, put online during the launch on air, completes and enriches the digital component. The TV and the web unite to offer synchronism and consistency of deployment, to offer a rich and current global experience for a young audience.

It’s just the TV
Producer: Raphaëlle HuysmansICI ARTV, 24 x 90 mins
It’s just web
Producer: Raphaëlle HuysmansDM Service Co .: Version 10
A 90-minute weekly cultural magazine about the world of TV, its programs, its industry, its artists and artisans, its influence on society and its place in people’s lives.
Every week, the website offers a webcast of about fifteen minutes: It’s just web. A webseries anchored in the news whose main subject is the web culture (webseries, webdocumentaires, interactive experiments, convergent sites, etc.). It’s just the web stands out for its enlightening look at the abundance of digital content offerings. The web platform, forum and second screen experience will also be enhanced.

Producer: Annie BourdeauZ TV, 10 x 30 mins
Producer: Raphaëlle HuysmansDM Service Co .: DPT
Infiltration is a documentary series in which we infiltrate universes inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Infiltration leads the viewer to live from the inside an unknown universe, unusual, sometimes at the limit of legality: one forces the entry of backgrounds that usually do everything to remain hidden. We meet massage parlors in the downtown area, the headlines of the newspapers suggest that we can get any drug on the streets of Montreal, we hear about these fightclubs where the fighting takes place without rule none. But who really knows these universes? Who has already penetrated it? Who knows what is going on behind the hermetically closed doors of these unknown worlds, which yet exist in parallel with our society?
Infiltration’s interactive experience offers surprising and intriguing new content to web surfers. First, the platform offers the public the chance to penetrate three exclusive subcultures with three immersive 360-degree 3D documentaries available on all digital devices. Experiences that will also be available on the Oculus Rift, at events organized by the TV channel Z. Then, for ten weeks, the Infiltration site immerses the user in each of the universes explored in the series by proposing rich and varied documentary files that raise the curtain on these subcultures. Detailed statistics, surprising tops 5, moving testimonials, unusual facts, but also glimpses of these universes seen elsewhere in the world or even illuminating lines of time. Each file is accompanied by a video vox pop which sheds light on the preconceived ideas of the general public about the universes that will be discovered.

The Tricks War 3D
CarpeDiem Film & TV
Producer: Marie-Claude BeauchampSuper Screen, 1 x 80 mins
The Tricks War 3D
CarpeDiem Film & TV
Producer: Marie-Claude BeauchampDM Service Co .: Stolo
In a small village, on the eve of the school holidays, the children concoct their leave. What better than a good old battle of snowballs to fill the holiday well? Luc and Sophie, 11, naturally impose themselves as generals of their respective army. Sophie is perhaps newly arrived in the village, but her cohort is organized effectively. They build a huge fort to counter the attacks of the enemy horde led by Luke. The team that will occupy the fort at the end of the holiday will win the war. What started out as a good-natured battle becomes, under Luc’s iron grip, a much more serious conflict. Joy and good understanding return when children decide to destroy the fort rather than attack one another. From the fort,
The digital project of The War of the 3D Tricks will serve to activate and extend the experience of the film through a game and a transmedia experience deployed on a cycle of two years. The interactive component consists of a bilingual application (phone and tablet, iOS and Android) and a website offering young people aged 6 to 12 a game to build and personalize a virtual fort; online and outdoor activities (alone or with the family); information on the content related to the film; a shop; and the opportunity to participate in competitions. The main objective of the experiment is to build the biggest and most invincible fort by completing missions and activities on-line and outdoors.

Les Argonautes 2015
Productions Pixcom
Producer: Thérèse PinhoTele-Québec, 20 x 30 mins
Les Argonautes 2015
Productions Pixcom
Producer: Nadine DufourDM Service Co .: Tobo
Convinced that the Serpilleurs held captive a young Silaho named Oda Chala, Captain Maximilian and his crew returned to Amagone, the marvelous city, to find clues. Not loving that the Argonauts are getting in the way, Captain Ongles-Sales invents plans to annihilate them and order Big to execute them … Argo children call on their alien friends to solve the problem. mystery of Oda Chala that will guide them to other mysteries!
The new season of the Argonauts proposes a new RecréArgo experience: a “party game” to play alone or several to have fun and laugh. RecréArgo is a series of nine mini-games specially designed for children and their families. If the web pane offers a single-player mode, the mobile pane emphasizes multiplayer mode (two physical players in one room) while the tablet becomes a game board!

Black Series II
Productions Casablanca
Producer: Joanne ForguesICI Radio-Canada, 10 x 60 mins
Black Series II
Productions Casablanca
Producer: Joanne ForguesDM Service Co .: The Affranchis
While Patrick is barely recovering from the betrayal of Charlène and Denis trying to forget Judith, our two screenwriters are victims of a terrible bombing. Who has sought to eliminate them?
Are they victims of the retaliation of East Gay Gang, whose leader Claudio has just been arrested? Who is this woman with the grave voice who saved them in extremis of certain death? And what does Gaétan Thibaudeau, the Minister of Justice, do in this story? Never have our two screenwriters, whom we now believe were safe, have faced so many dangers. Will they succeed in elucidating the strange conspiracy that threatens their lives? One thing is certain: their scriptwriting, leading to the writing of their series La loi de la justice, has never been so well nourished …

The Black Series experience will go well beyond broadcasting by offering an exclusive Talkshow on the web, Black Talking, which will begin before the TV show and continue afterwards. Welcoming weekly star guests, fans of the series, the brand Black Series will radiate well beyond the audience already acquired. Accompanied by an innovative micro-content distribution module in synchronization, Black Talking will reinvent the concept of simple talkshow.Finally, the weekly distribution of micro-content will continue and year 1 will be completed by offering a conclusion to the Auditions component.

The following English language projects received under the Bell Fund’s Low Budget Production Program:



Temple Street
Executive Producers: Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier, Michelle Lovretta, Karen Troubetzkoy, Jeremy Boxen
Producers: Regina Robb, Andrea BoydSpace, 10 x 45 mins
Temple Street
Producer: Hilary Smith
Killjoys follows a fun-loving, hard-living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad.
A cross platform (iOS / Android / Web) 8 bit retro-style game in which a player controls to earn the highest score by collecting warrants and capturing the associated bounties.

Last of the Blues Devils
EyeSteel Films
Executive Producer: Daniel Cross
Producers: Daniel Cross, Bob Moore, Mila Aung-ThwinDocumentary Channel, Channel D, 1 x 90 mins
Last of the Blues Devils
EyeSteel Movies
Producer: Valerie ShamashDM Service Co .: HoloLabs
Barbara Lynn, Carol Fran, Lazy Lester, Bobby Rush, Henry Gray, Little Freddie King and Bilbo Walker. We visit their personal markers and hear their stories as they travel together to the Juke Joint along the Mississippi Delta Blues Trail.
A 3D immersive web experience where users maneuver through 6 distinct areas within the Blue Front Interacting with musicians to unlock clues transporting them through the songs and stories of the blues. Users will be able to play songs off the jukebox, sit at the bar listening to stories, enjoy live performances from the dance floor and hang out in the social media interfacing lounge.

Now You Know
Sinking Ship
Executive Producers: Blair Powers JJ Johnson, Maria Kennedy, Ben Mazzotta, Matt Bishop
Producers: Maria Kennedy, Blair Powers, Ben Mazzotta, JJ Johnson Matt BishopTVO, 39 x 7 mins
Now You Know ?
Sinking Ship
Producer: Blair Powers
A TV series for preschoolers that follows the adventures of a curious little boy named Howie and his clever monkey sidekick Baboo as they try to find answers to questions by real kids about science, music, dance, language, spelling, explored from their perspective.
Hosted by the characters from the series, users visit different animated environments and play through challenges. The play incorporates scaffolded learning opportunities.

Cheshire Smile Animation
Executive Producers: Tim Tyler, Jean de Vivie, Sandrine Pechels from Saint Sardos
Producers: Tim TylerCity Saskatchewan, TVO, 20 x 2 mins
Cheshire Smile Animation
Producers: Tim TylerDM Service Co .: TOBO, Bejuba! Entertainment
A series of 2-minute preschool television guessing games where preschool children are given clues describing a fruit or vegetable until they are guess what it is. Once the discovery has been made a snack is revealed that children can make and enjoy with their parents.
A multiplatform site is where viewers can find all of the recipes featured on the show, along with games and quizzes.

Tornado Hunters
Saloon Media
Executive Producers: Michael Kot, Steve Gamester, Paul Kilback
Producer: Paul KilbackCMT (Corus), 10 x 22 mins
Tornado Hunters
Saloon Media
Producers: Michael Kot, Paul Kilback
A series of three extreme weather chasers based in Regina. Every spring they load up their truck and chase nature’s most furious storms across the middle of North America.
A web companion that features video content (webisodes, shorter video content and live streaming), content for social media, information about storms and a Minecraft Mod.

The following English language projects received under the Bell Funds Low Budget Production Program:



Lucidity 55
TV Blimp
Producer: Isabelle VaillancourtRDI, 3 x 45 mins
Lucidity 55
TV Blimp
Producer: Isabelle VaillancourtDM Service Co .: The Affranchis
The Lucidity 55 documentary trilogy provides a portrait of the crisis in our retirement system from the perspective of the majority who face it, from the experts who analyzed it and from Toronto’s creative people behind the famous advertising campaign Freedom 55, which incidentally altered the aspirations of millions of Canadians.
The digital component of the documentary series takes the side of the lightness and proposes to inject a little humor in its way to approach this very real social problem. Because although we can not deny the problem, solutions exist and it can be interesting to look at all this with another point of view! The humorous treatment will allow the surfer concerned to approach his retirement from new angles or to think of new creative solutions to face it, individually and collectively. Perhaps one does not need to be so rich to be happy?

The following projects under the Bell Fund’s Development Program:

The Music Room
Temple Street Media Ventures
Michel Pratte
DHX – Family Channel

SlugTerra: Super Slug Off
marblemedia Interactive
Matt Hornburg
DHX-Disney XD

The following projects received under the Bell Fund’s Performance Accelerator Program:

The Next Step Dance Academy
Temple Street Media Ventures
Sinead Wills, Michel Pratte
DHX – Family Channel

The following projects received grants under the Bell Funds Professional Development Program:

Soon on our
RECREATED screensBanff World Media Festival 2015
Banff Festival FoundationCanadian Screen Awards 2015
Academy of Canadian Cinema and TelevisionDigital Media Co-Production Study Phase 2
Interactive OntarioDoc Talks 2015
Doc Talks Festival & Symposium

Hot Docs 2015 – Industry Sessions
Hot Docs International Documentary Festival

iLunch 14.0
Interactive Ontario

NUMIX 2015

Prix ​​Gémeaux 2015
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

Dating multiplatform realization 2015
Association of producers and directors of Quebec

TIFF Kids 2015
Toronto International Film Festival

WIFT-T Industry Sessions

Workshop on Known Objects

The following projects received grants under the Bell Funds TV Development Online Program:

Featured children
Productions Casablanca
Joanne Forgues

Newborn Moms
Don Ferguson Productions
Don Ferguson, Lucy Stewart, Kevin Wallis

Headtrip Movies
Mitch Gabourie, Andrea Gabourie

That’s My Boy
Entertainment One Television
Margaret O’Brien, Rachel Fulford
Shaw Media – Global

The following projects received under the Bell Fund’s Online to OnTV Program:

Brambleberry Tales
Rival School
David Lam

The Bell Fund is a Canadian-based, non-profit corporation. Since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested more than $ 150M in over 1,600 Canadian digital media projects, television programs, development grants, co-productions and support for research and professional development. The Bell Fund also undertakes training, research, business development and promotion for the digital media industry.


The Bell Fund receives annual contributions of approximately $ 16M from Bell TV as part of its broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the industry. In addition, the Development Program is supported by the $ 10M endowment, and contributions from Aliant. The Bell Fund is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors representing various sectors of the television and digital media industry.

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