Whether you love animals or are just curious about them, Animalogic breaks down what makes different animals unique and amazing. With new episodes released every other week, Animalogic goes in depth into each animal. What do they look like, where do they live, how do they hunt, what’s special about them, how do they make it in this harsh world? Throughout each episode, the host and illustrator bring the animals to life with little known facts about the featured animal, as she illustrates it in the background. Did you know Bonobos can play Pac man? Or that rabbits were used as pregnancy tests? Or that there is a jellyfish, that when sick or injured, can revert to its younger self, essentially making it immortal? The series is hosted by Danielle Dufault, an award-winning scientific illustrator at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Created by: Dylan Dubeau & Andrew Strapp
Hosted & Illustrated by: Danielle Dufault
Genre: Factual

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