Bell Fund announces decisions for the September 24, 2019 Deadline for the Short-Form Digital Series (Non-Fiction) Program and the 2019 TV Program.

Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, November 19, 2019: The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the September 24, 2019 round of applications for the Short-Form Non-Fiction Program. Over $2.5 million in grants has been approved including over $615,000 to help support the Discoverability Plans for these series.  Supporting audience engagement strategies is a priority for the fund.  14 Independent Production Companies are being supported across 9 English language and 5 French language projects. 

The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has also announced the final results of the TV Program. Over $5.5 million in grants has been approved to 24 Independent Production Companies from four provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.  21 English language and 10 French language series are supported in the genres of Drama, Comedy and Lifestyle with total combined production budgets of almost $203 million. Including this round of funding, the Bell Fund has contributed approximately $8.3 million in grants for the TV Program in 2019.

This brings the total amount of financial support from the Bell Fund for 2019 to over $15.1 million supporting 101 projects and 87 Independent Producers.

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Short-Form Digital Series (Non-Fiction) program:

Short-Form Digital Series (Non-Fiction)
Animalogic (Season 5)
Blue Ant Media
Animalogic - YouTube Channel
36 x 10
In season five, paleo-illustrator Danielle Dufault, and Zoologist Jess Keating bring you up close and personal with the world’s most amazing animals on a journey into the animal kingdom.
Anna’s Occasions
Oh Yum with Anna Olson - YouTube Channel
30 x 8 minutes
Baker Anna Olson shares her brand-new occasion themed recipes to help make your next celebration both delightful and delectable.
BUY or DIY (Season 3)
RTR Media
Coral - YouTube Channel
12 x 12 minutes
In this light-hearted home decor challenge series, Dani and Alexandra help a friend decide whether they should buy or DIY an item for their home.
Check-In, Check-Up
The Sorry Girls
TheSorryGirls - YouTube Channel
8 x 12 minutes
Two DIY gurus check-in to vacation rentals with the mission of transforming the space with interior design hacks all before check-out time.
Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made (Season 3)
Coolest Things Productions
Coolest Thing - YouTube Channel
8 x 8 minutes
Featuring people with a passionate commitment and genuine excitement for engineering who build extraordinary things.
Farm Crime (Season 2)
Big Cedar Films
6 x 13 minutes
A true crime-style documentary series investigating unconventional offences in the world of farming and agriculture.
Friend or Foe?
Yellow Bear Studios
TVO Kids
40 x 3 minutes
A kids series that investigates the creepy, the crawly and the downright scary rap with which so many creatures in the animal kingdom get labelled, and determines if they’re truly deserving of their phobia-inducing reputations.
Paddle Tales (Season 2)
The Heliconia Press
PaddleTV - YouTube Channel
10 x 10 minutes
Follows World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, on an inspiring and adventure-filled journey exploring the world by canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard, and raft while telling the stories of the unique people and places that he encounters.
Shredders of Metal: Drum Edition (Season 3)
Banger Films
BANGERTV - All Metal - YouTube Channel
6 x 10 minutes
The third season of the popular music competition series will feature heavy metal drummers as they face off for the first time ever in an epic drumming competition before a panel of judges in order to win the title of Ultimate Blaster.

The following French language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s Short Form Digital Series (Non-Fiction) program:

For further details on the projects below, please see our French language website:

Short-Form Digital Series (Non-Fiction)
Citoyens du futur
Picbois Productions
8 x 8 minutes
Collection RÉ-CRÉATIONS (Season 2)
30 x 5 minutes
Conte pis raconte
Saturne 5
10 x 12 minutes
Objets cultes
10 x 5 minutes
On parle de santé mentale
Écho Média
35 x 6 minutes

The following English language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s TV Program.

TV Program – Major Production Funder Envelope
Backyard Builds (Season 3)
Frantic Films
Corus – HGTV Canada
11 x 30 min
An inspirational property show that transforms ordinary backyards into extraordinary spaces.
Big Food Bucket List (Season 2)
Lone Eagle Entertainment
Corus –Food Network Canada
26 x 30 min
Follows host John Catucci on a one-of-a-kind food adventure across North America as he checks buzz-worthy, crazy, delicious food off his bucket list.
Carnival Eats (Season 7)
Alibi Entertainment
Corus – Food Network Canada
13 x 30 min
An inside look at the mouth-watering and outrageous foods famously found at fairs and carnivals, the wacky characters who create them and the culinary thrill seekers who devour and delight in them.
Corner Gas Animated (Season 3)
Vérité Films
Bell Media – Comedy Network
11 x 30 min
Corner Gas Animated brings back Dog River residents in a decidedly animated form, with new, wilder and weirder adventures 40 miles from nowhere.
Doomsday Brothers
Portfolio Entertainment
Corus – Teletoon
18 x 30 min
In a mutation-riddled post-apocalypse, two dysfunctional survivalist brothers are hired to become protectors of their rural hometown. But their best hope lies in finding a secret military super-bunker that could ensure the town’s survival for the next 200 years.
Farmhouse Facelift
Sonar Canada .
Corus – HGTV Canada
10 x 60 min
Sibling duo Carolyn and Bill, are using their construction and design expertise to restore homes for clients in rural towns, one farmhouse at a time.
Holmes Family Rescue
Bell Media – CTV
6 x 60 min
Mike Holmes and his family lend their talents and their hearts to renovate, rebuild and transform buildings alongside heroic young people looking to build a better tomorrow.
I Do, Redo
Insight Productions
Bell Media – CTV
10 x 30 min
This non-typical wedding show tracks Jessica Mulroney as she offers another chance to say, “I do” for deserving couples whose first weddings were ruined by forces out of their control.
Island of Bryan (Season 2)
Si Entertainment
Corus – HGTV Canada
6 x 60 min
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler renovate a run-down beachfront resort in Bahamas with only six months left before the grand opening of tourist season.
Jann (Season 2)
Seven24 Films
Bell Media – CTV
8 x 30 min
Music superstar Jann Arden is trying to make ends meet Air BnBing her house to famous Canadians, while also trying to revive her stalled music career.
Letterkenny (Season 5), (Season 6)
New Metric Media
Bell Media – Comedy Network
14 x 30 min + 14 x 30 min
The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding with each other over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked.
Make Your Move
Scott Brothers Entertainment Inc.
Corus – HGTV Canada
10 x 60 min
Kortney and Dave Wilson help homeowners make strategic moves with their money by using their flipping expertise to turn a newly purchased fixer-upper into the home of their dreams.
Mary Makes It Easy
Boat Rocker Media
Bell Media – CTV
30 x 30 min
Hosted by MasterChef Canada winner Mary Berg, this series demystifies the cooking process by showing viewers how to cook and entertain in an easy and stress-free way.
Boat Rocker Media
Bell Media – CTV
8 x 60 min
A design and renovation series that follows two millennial bosses, Sarah Sklash and April Brown as they risk everything they have to buy and renovate a dingy old beach town motel hoping to transform it into a trendy summer hot spot
Private Eyes (Season 4)
Entertainment One Television
Corus – Global TV
8 x 60 min
Season 4 returns to the engaging and sexy world of Private Eyes, featuring two strong and forever-competing characters investigating high-stakes cases of the week.
Property Brothers Forever Home
Scott Brothers Entertainment
Corus - HGTV Canada
40 x 60 min
Drew and Jonathan Scott tackle full-scale renovations and turn houses into forever homes- places where families can put down roots and spend their lives.
Save My Reno (Season 3)
Great Pacific Media
Corus - HGTV Canada
14 x 30 min
Sebastian Clovis and Samantha Pynn are the dynamic new duo of home reno dream-makers; a fun-loving and savvy builder-designer team who help tapped out homeowners transform struggling spaces into spectacular places.
Scott’s Vacation House Rules
McGillivray Entertainment
Corus – HGTV Canada
10 x 60 min
With years of smart real estate investing and renovation experience, real estate expert and contractor Scott McGillivray offers the ultimate road map to renovation and rental success.
To Be Announced Drama Series
Wynonna Earp (Season 4)
Seven24 Films
Bell Media - CTV - Sci-Fi
12 x 60 min
Reckless and reluctant gunslinger Wynonna Earp and her team of outmatched outsiders return to face monsters, revenants and their biggest fears as they fight to take down the demon who cursed the Earpfamily before he destroys the Ghost River Triangle – and the world.

The following French language projects received Production Grants under the Bell Fund’s TV Program.

For further details on the projects below, please see our French language website:

TV Program – Major Production Funder Envelope
Alerte Amber
Productions Pixcom
Groupe TVA – TVA
10 x 60 min
Boomerang (Season 5)
Encore Télévision
Groupe TVA – TVA
12 x 30 min
Clash (Season 2)
Aetios Productions
Bell Média – Vrak
24 x 30 min
Couple en chantier
Bell Média – Canal Vie
10 x 30 min
Jérémie (Season 5)
Bell Média – Vrak
15 x 30 min
L'Échappée (Season 4)
Amalga Créations Média
Groupe TVA – TVA
24 x 60 min
Les héros de la réno
Bell Média – Canal Vie
13 x 60 min
L'heure bleue (Season 4)
Duo Productions
Groupe TVA – TVA
24 x 60 min
Pour toujours plus un jour
Les Productions Passez Go
Bell Média – Vrak
14 x 30 min
Week-end de bois (Season 4)
Attraction Images Productions
Bell Média – Z Télé
9 x 30 min

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