Excerpted Guideline Details

Deadline: November 20, 2019

Download Complete Guideline Budget and Finance Policy (PDF)

The purpose of the Slate Development program is to help independent production companies diversify their development slate both in terms of numbers of projects and variety of platforms and media by offering financial support for the planning and development of original intellectual property (“IP”). Preference will therefore be given to applications that support multiple projects (no more than three), which can be multi-platform. For clarity, multi-platform projects must develop video as at least one offering.

While no broadcast license or development agreement is required, at application, there needs to be evidence of market interest (see definitions Section 1 of the Guidelines).

The projects must all be intended for release on any one of the following platforms: (1) any CRTC licensed Canadian broadcaster or broadcaster-owned digital platform, (2) Canadian hybrid VOD or (3) digital platform accessible to Canadians which may be either Canadian or foreign-owned (see definitions Section 1 of the Guidelines).

Producers may apply with projects in varying stages of development. Development should be considered for proof/ feasibility of the project. Eligible costs may include but not limited to research including audience research, option payments, scriptwriting (including outlines and treatments), the production of a short presentation demo, business, marketing and promotional plans, discoverability plan and the creation of plans for worldwide exploitation.

IP must be original though it may be an adaptation of an existing licensed property. Ineligible content includes feature films, MOW’s and primarily re- purposed content. All rights and underlying rights must be owned, optioned or controlled sufficient to develop, produce and exploit the program throughout the world.

Amount of Funding Contribution:

Funding is available as a non-interest bearing advance of 75% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $100,000, repayable from production financing (on a per project basis). Minimum funding that can be requested is $25,000. At the time of application Producer will provide evidence that at least 10% of the budget is financed in cash by a third party. Producer must provide evidence that all costs are Canadian (unless the Producer can establish the need for non-Canadian development costs, which in no event shall be more than 25% of the budget).

Costs incurred prior to the application are not eligible. Administration costs (including Producer fees) must be capped at 20%. All funds must be spent consistent with the application for funding, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Bell Fund. Funding can be used to leverage other Funds like CMF, OMDC, or SODEC. Producer will have 3 months from approval to provide evidence of commitment.

Please Note – Given the limited funds available, a Company comprised of and/or exercising common control over, several production companies is only entitled to one application per deadline.