By Andra Sheffer and Claire Dion (French)

A bliki ?! The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund commissioned expert authors to seed a wiki to provide all the latest in revenue generation know-how for producers of multi-platform digital media. But then we wanted to be able to include everyone else’s insights and experiences – through a blog, so we ended up with a bliki. You can post your comments, and we can edit and update the wiki articles. Hence, the Bell Fund bliki was created – a concept actually conceived in 2003 by wiki originator Ward Cunningham. Then we went even further and discovered that we were in fact creating a “blooki” – a combination of a blog, a wiki and a book, as we have also developed this with a pdf downloadable book structure as well.

Since 1997 Bell Fund has funded nearly 600 multi-platform projects that have both a television program and an associated interactive digital media project. An important element of the funding application evaluation process is the business plan. We have seen some very imaginative ones, some impressive wishful thinking, some revenue projections that were depressing, and some that were exciting. There were a lot of disparate experiences, a lot of pioneering, a lot of yearning for a meaningful business model, and some successes and accomplishments in the elusive search to make money. So, inspired by our mandate to share knowledge, the Bell Fund decided to undertake research to try to determine what really is viable at this point in time and to share the revenue generating experiences of multi-platform producers and broadcasters.

Content Strategist Rita Carbone Fleury took on the challenge of identifying the revenue sources, the players, the realities, and the steps to take if revenue generation is to even be a viable option. Our wiki articles are a result of her persistent research and enthusiasm combined with the very generous contributions of our expert-authors who agreed to share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues in the digital media industry. Our sincere appreciation and thanks go to these authors who fit their wiki writing into their busy schedules, responded to our questions, elaborated and re-wrote. They have been incredibly unstinting in sharing what they have learned.

Our thanks also to our partners in this venture, Telefilm Canada. Through their Canada New Media Fund they too have funded many multi-platform projects and encouraged producers to develop business models and to think globally to reach their markets.

We all know that what is true today in this world of ever-changing digital media, will be different tomorrow, especially when it comes to discovering the ways to make money. So, that is where you, our readers, all come in. Our authors have only just begun the discussions and planted the seeds. Their experiences and their advice are their own. Now, we invite you to share too, to blog, to update and expand this revenue generation knowledge base and to contribute your wisdom and perspectives, so that we will all create an invaluable resource for multi-platform digital media content creators and distributors.

Andra Sheffer, Executive Director

Claire Dion, Associate Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund (May 2009)

A note from Telefilm Canada:

For a decade, Telefilm Canada has administered the Canada New Media Fund (CNMF) on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage. The CNMF has provided the initial investment for nearly 800 innovative interactive properties and events across Canada, making a significant contribution to the robust interactive industry in this country; one which employs 52,000 people and generates $4.7 billion in revenue. The CNMF is a national program which supports the creation and distribution of interactive digital cultural content products.

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