Patrick Crowe


XENOPHILE MEDIA INC, Co-President, Senior Producer

A producer, writer, game designer and filmmaker, Patrick runs Xenophile Media, a Toronto-based cross platform production company with clients ranging from Disney to Cartoon Network and BBC.  Xenophile’s best-known productions include the Primetime Emmy ® Award-winning Fallen Alternate Reality Game and the International Emmy ® Award-winning ReGenesis Extended Reality Game. Xenophile’s work for kids includes the Emmy® nominated projects: Total Drama Island – Totally Interactive with over six million players, the Emmy-nominated M.I. High Game for BBC, a new online game world for the YTV animated series Rollbots and an online documentary based on a the feature film Hana’s Suitcase.  Xenophile Media’s work has also won accolades at the Banff World TV Festival, SXSW, FITC, Gemini and Canadian New Media Awards.

As a documentary filmmaker, Patrick has written and directed work on social and historic topics.   His writing also includes media theory, animated television series and a feature film co-written with author Carol Shields.

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