David Plant


David Plant – VP Media and Entertainment, Cameron Thomson Group and Strategic Partnerships for WirelesStudios, www.wirelesstudios.com, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cameron Thomson) Through the 80’s and 90’s David Plant played a vital role in the establishment and growth of the film and television industry in Toronto to over CDN$1 billion annually. During his tenure as the city’s film commissioner, under his guidance Toronto became the third largest production centre in North America – second only to New York and Los Angeles. He convinced the Walt Disney Company to open a major animation facility in Canada in 1996. He left the public sector in 1997 to work with Silicon Graphics in developing the Media and Entertainment industry, contributing to industry leading technologies for global clients such as IMAX Corporation, Electronic Arts, Alias and Discreet. He went on to work within Bell during the time when Bell Globemedia was being formed and evaluated content issues relating to BGM, Mobility, and ExpressVu for CGI, the consulting arm of Bell. He subsequently joined Cameron Thomson Group, a pre-eminent provider of outsourced business development and financing services to media, entertainment and technology companies with offices in Toronto, London and Milan. There his team has provided business evolution planning on projects for leading international media companies like ITV in the UK and DeAgostini in Italy and business development assistance to Canadian-based companies like Extend Media. He is considered one of Canada’s authorities on cross-platform media strategies and their role in business development. He frequently is called upon by public agencies and private financiers to evaluate applications for funding.

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